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Visitor Check-In Kiosk

Streamline Visitor Management

Replace your insecure logbooks and inconsistent orientations with a streamlined check-in process. Provide informative videos and safety quizzes, and gather necessary acknowledgments and signatures to maintain security and compliance. Seamlessly access a comprehensive visitor profile to meet all your regulatory requirements.

Customizable Check-In Experience

  • Visitor Journeys

  • Notifications & Alerts

  • Visitor Badges

  • Pre-Registration

  • Reporting


Unique Experience for Every Visitor

Tailor the visitor check-in journey to align with your specific processes and company policies. Serve documents, forms, and videos to visitors while collecting signatures and other relevant information from them. 




Custom Real-Time Notifications

Employees receive real-time text, email, or Teams notifications about visitor arrivals, departures, and other important events occurring at an entry point. Notifications can be delegated to other employees, sent to groups, displayed on FacilityTVs, and more. Visitors receive a text acknowledging their check-in and any custom information you choose to send.


Know Who's Visiting Your Facility

Visitor badges are printed after check-in, offering compliance, security, and efficiency. Each badge is customizable to display essential information such as the visitor's name, company, host, visit type, and check-in details, enhancing visibility and ensuring only authorized visitors access your facility.


Complete Orientation Ahead of Time

Speed up the check-in process by allowing visitors to complete documentation and safety training, watch informational videos, and even take quizzes before arriving at the facility. Particularly valuable for lengthy orientations, high-traffic lobbies, and large events, ensuring efficient and smooth visitor entry without congestion or delays. Returning visitors are white-listed for expedited check-ins. 


Stored in the Cloud, Easily Searchable & Exportable

Simplify compliance and legal liability management with easy search and export options for comprehensive visitor records, including quiz results, signed documents, and entry acknowledgments. Unlimited, indefinite cloud storage ensures that all visitor data, from personal details to health screenings and check-in times, is securely maintained and readily accessible for legal, audit, and regulatory purposes.

Enforce Compliance and Mitigate Liability

Standardize operations and ensure visitors understand your company policies by providing safety and orientation videos and collecting signed documents, acknowledgments, forms, and quizzes. By automating and reinforcing compliance protocols, Transmission reduces human error and legal risk and creates a more secure environment for employees and visitors.


User Agreements

Contractor VideoVideos

Form ApplicationForms

Custom Check-In Experience Based on Visit Purpose

Provide relevant information to each visitor based on the reason for their visit. This targeted approach to visitor orientation streamlines the process and ensures everyone receives the necessary and relevant information for a safe, compliant, and productive visit.

Select a Visitor to Compare Their Check-In Journey!

Customize & Standardize Your Visitor Management Process!

Hardware Included + Lifetime Warranty

  • 27" Touch screen (countertop or wall-mounted)
  • DYMO visitor badge printer
  • All ancillary cabling 
  • Onboarding and account setup
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Integrations with Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, and Slack
  • Floorstands and additional screen sizes are sold separately.

Mobile CheckPoints

Mobile CheckPoints use QR codes for access without internet, power, or hardware. CheckPoints allow visitors to check in on their phones or be directed to the appropriate location, as they would on a kiosk. For facilities that frequently receive truck drivers or other visitors who may not enter the building, CheckPoints are the perfect display option since they can be placed anywhere and printed on any material in any size.

Emergency Communication

Streamline emergency communication to all checked-in visitors. Quickly send instructions from pre-made templates to everyone on-site. Access your visitor log to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Multi-Language Support

Transmission can communicate with visitors in 8 languages, eliminating confusion and increasing compliance. This feature allows visitors to navigate the system, sign documents, watch videos, read instructions, and receive notifications, all in their preferred language.




Combine Transmissions Products for Maximum Impact 

The Transmissions product suite is designed to work together. When important visitors check in at your kiosk, a notification can be sent to your FacilityTVs. FacilityTV can dynamically update their display based on events that happen at the kiosk. 

Supercharge your internal communication by sending text messages directly to employees. Transmission's centralized and flexible product suite integrates seamlessly with your communication strategy, allowing you to create templates, groups, and schedule messages.
The Admin Portal allows you to set user access control, view all reports, profiles, and company content, activate emergency communication, send internal text messages, and manage your FacilityTVs. 

24/7 Support

At Transmission, customer support is not an add-on; it's an integral part of our commitment to your success. With every product, including Visitor Kiosks, FacilityTV, and Employee Texting, you get access to our dedicated customer support team. We understand that your operations may not adhere to a routine schedule, so we're here whenever you need assistance. Whether you have a question, need guidance, or encounter an issue, our support team is ready to help. 

What channels can be used to reach support?



Live Chat

Microsoft Teams

Submit a Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have for placing my kiosk?

The Visitor Kiosk is offered in a number of configurations: a free-standing kiosk, a kiosk that can be placed on a countertop, or even a version that can be mounted to your wall.

Is a badge printer included with the purchase of a Visitor Kiosk?

Yes! We include a free badge printer with every Visitor Kiosk and we'll send you two rolls of labels to get you started.

What if I have people that visit frequently?

Although new visitors need to be properly oriented by watching videos, signing documents, etc., recurring visitors may not need to be put through the same spiel. Customize the kiosk to recognize returning visitors and only revisit information when you decide it's necessary!

Is the text messaging unlimited?

Yes, with any Visitor Kiosk, you can access an unlimited texting platform with no additional fees. Seamlessly send messages to visitors, employees, or entire departments, empowering efficient and unlimited communication at no extra cost.

What languages does the Visitor Kiosk currently offer?

The kiosk currently includes English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Russian and Romanian. We strive to make continual improvements so if you need Transmission in your language, let us know!

Do pre-registered visitors still receive a badge?

Yes! Pre-registered visitors will still check-in at the kiosk to let their host know they've arrived and receive a badge.

What features does the Visitor Kiosk offer for visitor management?

The Visitor Kiosk provides a seamless visitor experience with automated orientations, touchless check-ins, and multi-language support. It also offers real-time notifications and a detailed visitor log for efficient facility management.