Shipping & Receiving Visitor Journey

Chart detailing the visitor journey of shipping and receiving truck drivers.

QR Code

QR codes can be printed and displayed near truck entrances, allowing drivers to scan them and check in without exiting their vehicle.

Illustration of a semi truck driver scanning a QR code from their cab.
A kiosk screen prompting visitor to enter in name, phone number, company, and take a photo.

Visitor Profile

After scanning the QR code, a page on their phone opens acting as a kiosk and prompting them to enter some basic information, such as their name, company, phone number, and reason for visit.


They would then be served relevant safety and informational videos.

Illustration of a video on phone detailing path for a driver to follow.
A worker at their desk, receiving a notification.


With the check-in complete, a notification will be sent to the department manger with information on how to contact the driver. This allows them to pass along instructions such as to proceed to a waiting area or specific loading bay.

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