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Contractor Visitor Journey

Chart showing the steps involved checking in a contractor

Contractor Check-In Process

Visitor Profile

Contractors would create profiles with essential details, including name, contact information, company affiliation, and a profile photo. Profiles are securely stored and easily accessible in visitor reports. This allows companies to track the historical presence of contractors, providing a clear record for compliance and reference.


Contractors might need to sign agreements related to safety protocols, project confidentiality, and compliance with facility rules.


Orientation videos could cover safety measures, emergency exits, and any specific project-related guidelines. Ensuring that contractors are well informed prepares them for their tasks on-site and contributes to a secure work environment.


Contractors may undergo a brief quiz to ensure an understanding of safety measures and project-specific guidelines.


Visitors receive a badge as the final step of the check-in process. Printed badges would include the contractor's name, photo, and company information for easy identification. This extra layer of identification enhances overall site security and communication.


After the check-in, the host will receive notifications alerting them to the visitors' arrival. Specify which department or employee should receive notifications when a contractor arrives.

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