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Vendor Visitor Journey

Vendor Visitor Journey

Vendor Check-In Process

Visitor Profile

Vendors creating a profile would provide details like their name, contact information, an affiliated company, and a photo for easy identification.


Vendors may need to sign agreements related to confidentiality, compliance, or facility rules as part of the check-in process.


Vendors might watch orientation videos about safety protocols, designated areas, and any specific guidelines pertinent to their services within the facility.


A quiz or acknowledgment form may cover key safety procedures and compliance measures discussed in the orientation video.


Upon completion, vendors will receive a printed badge displaying their name, photo, and company for visible identification.


With the check-in complete, a notification will be sent to the visitor, notifying them that the host is on the way. The host will receive notifications alerting them to the visitors arrival. With important figures such as regulators, notifications can also be displayed on FactoryTV.

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