Customer Visitor Journey

Chart showing the visitor journey of a customer.

Visitor Profile

When a customer arrives, they are prompted to check into the kiosk and enter some basic information, such as their name, company, phone number, reason for visit and their host if applicable.

A kiosk screen prompting visitor to enter in name, phone number, company, and take a photo.
Kiosk with agreement and a "sign here" box


After selecting their reason for visit, in this case being a customer, they are prompted to sign relevant agreements.


They would then be served relevant marketing or informational videos.

Promotional image of heavy duty duct tape.
customer receiving printed badge from check-in kiosk.


After watching any videos, check-in is complete and an identification badge will be printed.


With the check-in complete, a notification will be sent to the visitor, notifying them that the host is on the way. The host will also receive notifications alerting them to the visitors arrival.

A worker at their desk, receiving a notification.

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