Check-In Kiosk

Replace your insecure logbooks and inconsistent orientations with a streamlined check-in process. Provide informative videos, safety quizzes, and gather necessary acknowledgments and signatures to maintain security and compliance. Seamlessly access a comprehensive visitor profile to meet all your regulatory requirements.

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Seamlessly connect your factory to drive safety and communication.

Ensure that every person on site has been trained and oriented, has completed all documentation, and can be easily reached at a moment’s notice.

Screen that shows during kiosk check ins, asking the reason for visit, with different visitor types available to chose from.

Visitors are served the appropriate information and documentation based on the reason for their visit.

Photo of a video being played for visitor checking in via mobile.

Use video content to easily demonstrate the processes and policies. Add quizzes to ensure they understand.

Illustration of holding a phone and receiving a notification from Transmission's visitor management system.

Text communication allows you to be notified of arrivals and relay other important information.

Build custom onboarding & orientation for every type of site user.

Custom-build videos, surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and acknowledgements for contractors, temp workers, vendors, regulatory agencies, customers, corporate employees, and more!

Illustration of 3 different types of visitors checking in, and the different check-in paths they may experience.
Line path of an outside sales rep checking in.Line showing path of delivery driver checking in.Line path of a contractor checking in.Illustration of a check in kiosk.Illustration of a sales person arriving.Illustration of a delivery driver arriving.Illustration of a contractor arriving.Illustration of a delivery driver receiving instructions after checking in.Illustration of a sales person checking in.Illustration of a sales person meeting their host at the facility.Illustration of contractor checking in and receiving name badge.Illustration of contractor checked in and ready to work.

A consultant arrives for a scheduled appointment.

They select the visitor type of "Scheduled Appointment" while checking in.

The visitor completes check in and prints their badge.

Their host is notified of their arrival and greets them in the lobby.

A driver arrives for a delivery.

They select the visitor type of "Delivery" while checking in.

The delivery driver receives notification upon checking in, clearing them to unload in bay 4.

A contractor arrives to continue on a project.

They select the visitor type of "Contractor" while checking in.

This contractor is a frequent visitor, and completes an expedited check-in.

The contractor is cleared to begin working.

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Key Features

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Play orientation videos, serve agreements and add safety quizzes.
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Customize the kiosk to match your company branding.
Quiz / Survey Icon
Screen & reject unwanted visitors.
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& analysis
Automated recordkeeping with detailed reports of each visit.
Messages Icon
& Alerts
Get notified when a visitor arrives & send alerts to anyone with ease.
Calendar Icon
Allow visitors to pre-register, saving them time once they arrive.
QR Code and Phone Icon
QR Codes displayed on the kiosk can be scanned to check-in on mobile without needing to touch the screen.
Language Icon
Comes with support for 8 languages.
Badge Icon
Prints badges to easily identify visitors.
Send Icon
Streamline internal communication through text messaging and integrations with Teams and Slack.
QR Code Icon
No room, power, or internet? Add a QR code to allow check in via mobile phones.
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All inclusive subscription, with no limits.
Photo of person checking in on kiosk.


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Visitor Experience
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Improved Security
& Privacy
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Operates Without
Power or Internet
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Set-up, Onboarding &
Video Creation Included
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Admin Portal Access

The admin portal allows you to view all non-employee/visitor profiles, documents, generate reports, automate, notify or delegate visitor events, activate emergency communication and send text messages to visitors, employees and FactoryTV.

Admin Portal
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No Power? No Problem!

QR codes allow visitors to check in on their phone, the same way they would on a kiosk. QR codes can be printed and placed outdoors. If a line is forming at the kiosk, a QR code option can allow visitors to bypass the line!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have for placing my kiosk?
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The Check-In Kiosk is offered in a number of configurations; as a free-standing kiosk, a kiosk that can be placed on a countertop, or even a version that can be mounted to your wall.
Is a badge printer included with purchase of a Check-In Kiosk?
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Yes! We include a free badge printer with every kiosk and we'll send you two rolls of labels to get you started.
What if I have people that visit frequently?
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Although new visitors need to be properly oriented by watching videos, signging documents, etc. recurring visitors may not need to be put through the same spiel. Customize the kiosk to recognize returning visitors and only revisit information when you decide it's necessary!
Is the text messaging unlimited?
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Yes, with any Check-In Kiosk, you have access to an unlimited texting platform with no additional fees. Seamlessly send messages to visitors, employees, or entire departments, empowering efficient and unlimited communication at no extra cost.
What languages does the Check-In Kiosk currently offer?
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The kiosk currently includes English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Russian and Romanian. We strive to make continual improvements so if you need Transmission in your language, let us know!
Do pre-registered visitors still receive a badge?
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Yes! Pre-registered visitors will still check-in at the kiosk to let their host know they've arrived and receive a badge.
What features does the Check-In Kiosk offer for visitor management?
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The Check-In Kiosk provides a seamless visitor experience with automated orientations, touchless check-ins, and multi-language support. It also offers real-time notifications and a detailed visitor log for efficient facility management.
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