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Transmission Product Suite

One platform, multiple ways to communicate. Channels that drive safe, compliant facilities.


Platform Overview

Transmissions Product Suite offers a comprehensive ecosystem designed to integrate and revolutionize your facility's communication seamlessly. By blending the Visitor Kiosk, FacilityTV, Employee Texting, and Employee Kiosks into one robust platform, we offer an innovative solution that enhances efficiency, safety, and connectivity across every level of operation. Experience a manufacturing facility where communication barriers are dismantled, delivering every message, alert, and update efficiently for a safer, more productive workplace.

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FacilityTV was built for facility-wide communication, transforming regular tvs into dynamic, real-time communication hubs. This advanced system ensures that critical updates, performance metrics, and essential announcements are conveyed instantly, to the right people at the right time, directly impacting productivity and employee engagement. From shift change updates, safety alerts, and production metrics to visitor notifications, FacilityTV broadcasts the necessary information to your workforce exactly when it's needed.

Integration Spotlight:

FacilityTV's capabilities are greatly enhanced through its integration with the Visitor Kiosk and Employee Texting. This comprehensive connectivity means that important notifications can be instantly displayed on FacilityTV screens. For instance, urgent safety updates or operational changes texted by management can be simultaneously broadcast across FacilityTV screens, ensuring all personnel are informed in real-time, regardless of their location within the facility. This dual integration with the Visitor Kiosk and Employee Texting creates a seamless communication network, fostering a more connected, responsive, and well-informed manufacturing environment that significantly elevates operational efficiency and safety standards.

Visitor Kiosk

The Visitor Kiosk redefines the entry experience into manufacturing facilities. Engineered for simplicity and efficiency, this innovative tool streamlines access for visitors, job applicants, and contractors, ensuring a smooth, secure, and compliant entrance process. Beyond managing entry, the Visitor Kiosk plays a pivotal role in facility communication by triggering dynamic updates on FacilityTVs, text messages, and Teams in response to specific kiosk events or emergencies. This integration ensures that important information is shared instantly across the facility, enhancing awareness and preparedness.

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Use Case Example:

Imagine a scenario where an important customer or regulatory authority arrives at your facility. As they check in at the kiosk, not only is their entry managed seamlessly, but a customized notification is sent to the plant manager and instantly displayed on FactoryTVs throughout your facility. This alert can inform relevant teams of the visitor's arrival, prompt preparations for scheduled meetings, and even guide the visitor with directional information, showcasing the seamless integration and communication capabilities of the Transmission Product Suite.


Employee Texting

Employee Texting is a powerful tool within the Transmission Product Suite designed to supercharge your facility's internal communication. By enabling direct text messaging to employees, this feature ensures that vital information, updates, and alerts are delivered straight to your workforce's hands, bypassing traditional communication barriers. This immediate and personal method of contact enhances teams' responsiveness, aids in rapidly disseminating critical information, and significantly improves overall operational efficiency.

Integration with Overall Suite:

The true strength of Employee Texting lies in its seamless integration with the entire Transmission suite. This multi-channel approach allows for the simultaneous broadcasting of push notifications on FacilityTV screens and the sending of direct text messages to employees. Whether it's an urgent safety alert, operational update, or an important reminder, the message reaches every intended recipient through their preferred medium. This integrated communication strategy ensures no one is left uninformed, fostering a more connected, agile, and informed workforce ready to respond to the dynamic needs of the manufacturing environment.

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is the command center of the Transmission Product Suite. The platform enables precise user access control, ensuring that employees can only interact with features relevant to their roles. In moments of urgency, the Admin Portal becomes a critical tool for initiating emergency communications, guaranteeing that important alerts are quickly disseminated. It streamlines internal messaging management for day-to-day operations, allowing for the efficient creation, distribution, and storage of content and templates. FacilityTV management is also seamlessly integrated, allowing for the easy customization and scheduling of content across your facility's displays. Additionally, the portal offers in-depth reporting capabilities, such as search and export, unlimited storage, and backups.


Comprehensive Control:

The Admin Portal centralizes control over the Transmission Product Suite, offering a singular, intuitive interface for managing every aspect of your facility's communication network. By consolidating control, the Admin Portal enables a streamlined approach to managing communications, from routine updates to critical alerts, ensuring that every message is crafted, scheduled, and delivered with precision. Simplify the way your manufacturing facility communicates, operates, and thrives.

Seamless Integration and Flexibility


The Transmission Product Suite harmonizes internal tools like the Visitor and Employee Kiosks, FacilityTV, and Text Messaging and connects seamlessly with external platforms like Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. FacilityTV dashboards can also integrate with third-party data, QR codes, KPIs, and more.

What that Means to You:

Moreover, the suite's adaptability is showcased through its extensive customization capabilities. Administrators are empowered to tailor the communication experience to the facility's specific needs, from creating targeted text message templates and organizing employee groups to scheduling precise message delivery times. Incorporating these advanced integration and customization options, the Transmission Product Suite not only streamlines communication within your manufacturing facility but also bridges the gap to external systems and data sources. It transforms your communication strategy into a dynamic, responsive, and fully integrated operation, capable of propelling your facility towards higher productivity, enhanced safety, and a deeply engaged workforce.

Let's Shape the Future of Manufacturing Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Transmission's solutions be tailored to match our brand and goals?

Absolutely! Both FacilityTV and the Visitor Kiosk can be customized to align with your brand's identity and specific goals. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and personalized, ensuring they perfectly complement your facility's unique requirements.

Can I manage multiple locations with Transmission's products?

Yes, Transmission's products are designed to facilitate communication and management across multiple locations. The platform enables centralized control and communication, allowing you to manage and broadcast information to various facilities, departments, or teams seamlessly. Whether it's employee texting, digital signage with FacilityTV, or other Transmission products, you can efficiently coordinate and communicate across different locations from a centralized interface.

How does the account setup and onboarding process work?

With any plan, our team handles 100% of system configuration, ensuring seamless integration with your operations. We collaborate closely to align the kiosk logic and custom content to your preferences.

What kind of customer support is available if we encounter any issues with the products?

We provide dedicated 24/7 customer support to assist you with any issues or inquiries regarding the products. You can reach us via phone, live chat, email, or Teams.