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Text Messaging

Communicate With Everyone On-Site

Text messaging for immediate send, scheduling, and templates for individuals, groups, departments, or entire staff.

Communicate With Everyone

  • Text Messaging

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Unlimited Texting

Send Messages Without Constraints

Employee texting revolutionizes internal communication for manufacturing employees, enabling you to reach your entire team with critical updates, schedule changes, or emergency alerts, regardless of their location. This powerful tool significantly boosts communication and productivity by keeping everyone in sync and informed, ensuring a more engaged and responsive workforce.

Text Templates

Prepare For Every Scenario

Crafting messages shouldn't be a time-consuming task. With our text templates, you can prepare messages for common scenarios or emergencies in advance. It's efficient, ensuring that you can communicate swiftly and effectively.


Timing Matters

Plan your communications effectively by scheduling text messages to align with your operational schedule or upcoming events. Our platform provides the flexibility to either schedule messages well in advance for timely delivery, or send them instantly for urgent communications. This ensures that your messages are delivered precisely when they matter most, offering a balance between proactive planning and the ability to respond swiftly in real-time scenarios.

Communicate with Everyone

Target Your Audience

Tailor your messages to specific audiences. With our platform, you have the ability to send updates to the entire workforce, specific departments, groups, shifts, or even individuals, allowing for precise management of recipients. This guarantees that each message remains relevant and reaches the right staff members.

Active Directory

Integrates With Active Directory

Managing your recipient list is simplified with several options for adding or removing employees. You can upload a file containing your current staff, add or remove individuals manually, or integrate the list with Active Directory.

Why Send Texts to Employees

Higher Open Rates

Text messages have a 99% open and read rate, significantly more than emails, ensuring that your communication is more likely to be seen and acknowledged by employees.

Immediate Communication

Ensure important information reaches employees instantly and directly, bypassing the clutter of emails and the delay of traditional communication methods.

Employee Feedback

75% of employees are likelier to stay with a company that listens and responds to their concerns. 78% of employees prefer to receive feedback via text message due to its convenience and accessibility.

Consistent Messaging

Nearly everyone has access to a mobile phone. Text messaging is an incredibly accessible form of communication, ensuring consistency even with remote or field-based staff.

What Our Customers Are Texting


Combine Transmissions Products for Maximum Impact 

The Transmissions product suite is designed to work together. Facilities with a Visitor Kiosk, FacilityTV, and Employee Text Messaging have synchronized communication and engagement across their organization.

A Visitor Kiosk allows you to send emergency communication to everyone on-site, including both visitors and employees. Employees can receive text messages when important visitors are on-site or when a package has been delivered.

FacilityTVs can dynamically update their display based on events happening at the kiosk and push internal text notifications to your FacilityTV.

The Admin Portal allows you to set user access control, view all reports, profiles, and company content, activate emergency communication, send internal text messages, and manage your FacilityTVs. 

24/7 Support

At Transmission, customer support is not an add-on; it's an integral part of our commitment to your success. With every product, you get access to our dedicated customer support team. We understand that your operations may not adhere to a routine schedule, so we're here whenever you need assistance. Whether you have a question, need guidance, or encounter an issue, our support team is ready to help. 

What channels can be used to reach support?



Live Chat

Microsoft Teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

How simple is it to set up the text messaging platform?

Integrate with Active Directory or upload files to seamlessly import employee information into the system. Save templates for messages you'll need to send on the fly or send often.

Can I easily schedule messages for later with the admin portal?

Yes, the admin portal provides a user-friendly interface to schedule messages for later, allowing you to plan and coordinate communication effectively, even when you're not physically present.

Can someone text me back?

Not at this time, but updates are coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Can I text images?

Not at this time, but updates are coming soon and you can text links! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Does the Visitor Kiosk include text messaging?

Yes! Text messaging is included in your subscription for up to 2,000 texts per month.