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Communicate With Your Deskless Workforce

FacilityTV is the ultimate digital signage solution for the manufacturing industry. It empowers your workforce with real-time information that is essential for their safety, productivity, and engagement. Whether you need to communicate company events, safety protocols, or employee initiatives, FacilityTV ensures that your message is conveyed effectively and efficiently.

Frame of FactoryTV
Remember, heavy lifting shouldn't be done without proper back support NEW POLICY: You must clock in/out during each break now to ensure each employee is receiving adequate break time Don't forget, flu shots will be available free of charge next Monday and Tuesday Updated emergency evacuation maps have been posted near all exits Please put tools back in their place immediately following use
Remember, heavy lifting shouldn't be done without proper back support NEW POLICY: You must clock in/out during each break now to ensure each employee is receiving adequate break time Don't forget, flu shots will be available free of charge next Monday and Tuesday Updated emergency evacuation maps have been posted near all exits Please put tools back in their place immediately following use
10:44 AM
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Easy-to-use Digital Signage

  • Content Management

  • Schedule & Delete

  • Organization

  • Playlist Management

  • Bulletin Scroller


Robust Content Management System (CMS)

Transform your current TVs into interactive digital signage displays with ease. Our CMS allows you to upload and host your own content, supporting various file types, including videos, PowerPoint presentations, images, and web-hosted content. Manage all of your locations and channels from a single platform, allowing you to tag, organize, and edit content. Schedule and assign content to devices, and preview playlists. Additionally, you can view device status, make bulk edits, and manage user access. 

Schedule and Delete Content

Schedule & Auto-Delete Content

Our intuitive schedule and auto-delete feature allows you to determine the start and end date that your content will be displayed on the screens. Never worry about keeping your screens fresh as the content will auto-delete when your end date is reached. Plan your content weeks or even months in advance, ensuring that your messages are always timely and up-to-date.


Edit and Tag Content

User-friendly tools for editing, organizing, and tagging content enable you to customize your messages all in one place. Easily modify and enhance your content and organize it with tags for quick search, retrieval, and scheduling. 

FactoryTV Channels

Customize Content Across Channels

Controlling content across all your channels is a breeze with playlist management. Drag and drop files into the order you would like them to play to create a playlist. Re-arrange and preview content and select which TVs should display the playlist.


Your Company News Ticker

The bulletin scroller allows you to display important messages in real time at the bottom of the screen in a continuous scroll. You can select which channels to display the message, schedule messages for a specific date and time, and set messages to auto-delete.

Manage Multiple Displays

Manage all locations and channels from a single platform. With our system, different TVs can play different content, ensuring that your digital signage is relevant to the people and locations viewing it. Easily bulk upload, assign, edit, and preview content and playlists and view the status of each device.


Content Library

Explore ready-to-use video and image templates made for the manufacturing industry. The library also includes editable templates for quick customization, perfect for those without a dedicated marketing team or limited time.

Bulletin Scroller

The Bulletin Scroller runs along the bottom of your FacilityTV, acting as your own company news ticker! Reinforce important messages, safety reminders, upcoming events, announcements, and more.

Integrated Dashboards

Our custom-built integrated dashboard provides essential data at a glance. Connect the tools that you use to FacilityTV. Display essential metrics from third-party apps, QR codes for external links, KPIs, or relevant information.

Instant Pop-Up Notifications

Pop-up notifications can be dynamically triggered by pre-determined events, scheduled in advance, or displayed on your TVs instantly. These time-sensitive messages cover the content panel to draw attention instantly. Choose which channels and locations display the message and how long it sits on the screen.

Fully Managed Content and In-House Design Services

If you're a small team, don't have the time to learn something new, or are worried about keeping up with content creation and management but know you need digital signage, then a fully managed plan is right for you. Whenever you need to communicate something new, send a request to our design team, and we'll take care of the rest!

Combine Transmissions Products for Maximum Impact 

The Transmissions product suite is designed to work together. Facilities using a Check-In Kiosk can set triggers that dynamically update their FacilityTV display based on events that happen at the kiosk. For example, when important visitors check in at your kiosk, a notification can be sent to your FacilityTVs.

In addition to sending pop-up notifications to FacilityTVs, Employee Texting allows those same messages to be sent directly to employees. Transmission's centralized and flexible product suite integrates seamlessly with your communication strategy, allowing you to create text templates, groups, and schedule messages.

The Admin Portal allows you to manage your FacilityTVs, set user access control, manage reports, profiles, and company content, activate emergency communication, send internal text messages, and more.

24/7 Support

At Transmission, customer support is not an add-on; it's an integral part of our commitment to your success. With every product, including Check-In Kiosk, FacilityTV, and Employee Texting, you get access to our dedicated customer support team. We understand that your operations may not adhere to a routine schedule, so we're here whenever you need assistance. Whether you have a question, need guidance, or encounter an issue, our support team is ready to help. 

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Microsoft Teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FacilityTV compatible with any TV?

Yes, FacilityTV can connect to any existing TV that has an HDMI port.

What is FacilityTV?

FacilityTV is a comprehensive digital signage solution designed specifically for manufacturing environments. It enables businesses to communicate effectively with employees by displaying dynamic content on screens strategically placed throughout the facility.  It operates on a windows media player that connects to any tv via HDMI.

Is FacilityTV easy to install and use?

Yes, FacilityTV is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Our team provides comprehensive onboarding support to help you set up and configure the system according to your specific needs. Also, we offer ongoing assistance and training to make sure that you can make the most of FacilityTV's features.

What kind of content can I display with FacilityTV?

FacilityTV offers a diverse range of content options tailored for manufacturing settings, including safety reminders, policy updates, employee recognition, production metrics, real-time data dashboards, news updates, event announcements, and more.  Upload your own content or choose from our vast content library. 

Can I manage multiple FacilityTV displays from one location?

Yes, FacilityTV offers centralized management, allowing you, or multiple stakeholders to control multiple displays and channels from a single platform. This feature simplifies content management, scheduling, and monitoring, making it easy to ensure consistent messaging across different areas of your facility.