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Content Library

Unlock the Power of Engagement

Our expert-crafted video and image templates, exclusively for manufacturing, are designed to elevate employee engagement. Inspire genuine connection, motivation, collaboration, and recognition within your workforce.

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Content That Works: Inspiring Employees to Engage

  • Content Management

  • Custom Animations

  • Effortless Edits

  • Targeted Communication

  • Template Integrations


Content Management

Our Content Management system features intuitive tagging for easy organization and search. Upload your own content or quickly find what you need in our Content Library. Filter by themes or topics, preview content, create folders, and save your favorites to your personal library for faster access. Easily select what content should be displayed on each TV.


Custom Animations

Our library is rich with animations tailored to the manufacturing sector, offering a dynamic way to present safety protocols, celebrate milestones, and highlight key information. These animations are not only engaging but also designed to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible and memorable for your team.


Effortless Edits

Our Content Library isn't just expansive; it's adaptable to your unique needs. With editable presentations and ready to use images and videos, you can personalize content to align with your brand and message perfectly. Whether adjusting for specific safety scenarios or celebrating employees' anniversaries, our intuitive editing tools make customization straightforward and effective.


Targeted Communication

Customizing and delivering targeted messages across your facility is streamlined with our Content Library. Easily adjust and broadcast content to specific areas or groups within your facility, from safety alerts on the shop floor to celebrating achievements in communal spaces, all quickly and efficiently.


Integrate with Familiar Apps and Tools

Revolutionize your communication strategy by effortlessly syncing our templates with your favorite apps and tools. Whether it's integrating real-time production numbers, KPIs, or QR codes, our versatile platform adapts to your needs. Imagine displaying crucial data such as production numbers, safety incident rates, and stock numbers directly to the production floor, empowering your team with valuable insights. Simultaneously, engage employees during breaks with QR codes leading to surveys and traffic updates for a smooth commute home. 

Crafting an Engagement Strategy that Works



At its core, engaging with employees is about understanding human behavior. Why do people act the way they do? What motivates them? A grasp of psychology can provide answers, enabling strategies that tap into genuine human emotions and behaviors.



It's not just for customers; it's for employees too! Directing attention to vital information, whether safety protocols or production milestones, uses the same principles as advertising. The art lies in making the content both informative and attention-grabbing.




Selling an idea to your employees is no different than marketing a product to consumers. It's about packaging a message in a way that not only informs but also promotes its inherent value, leading to buy-in from the workforce.


Public Relations

Perception is reality. Managing how information is disseminated and ensuring it paints a positive company image can significantly influence employee morale and trust in the organization.



The medium is as crucial as the message. Combining compelling imagery with well-crafted text can make the difference between content that's merely seen and content that's actively engaged with.


Research & Experience 

We rely on our unbiased advisory panel, focus groups, employee feedback, customer data analysis, scientific studies, industry polls, and experts with years of hands-on experience inside manufacturing facilities.

Successful Employee Engagement Strategies Require Content


Content That Educates

By prioritizing continuous learning and development; employees feel more invested in their roles. Acknowledge the value of employee growth by providing opportunities for training and resources to enhance skills and competencies.

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Content To Recognize

By regularly acknowledging and appreciating employees' contributions and achievements, companies foster a culture of recognition that boosts morale, engagement, and retention.

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Content That Motivates

A successful employee engagement strategy includes setting clear, challenging yet achievable goals, and fostering a supportive environment that stimulates intrinsic motivation, driving employees to reach their fullest potential.


Content To Connect

To foster engagement, companies should promote team collaboration, open communication, and establish a strong sense of community, helping employees feel connected to each other and the broader mission of the organization.


Content That Listens

Investing in your team's development and ensuring their voices are heard is pivotal to fostering a robust company culture. FacilityTV empowers you to effectively connect with your factory workforce, opening channels of communication that go beyond the conventional.

Request Content to Expand Your Library

Our manufacturing content library is expansive, yet we're always eager to make it even more comprehensive. If there's something specific you're seeking that you haven't found, we encourage you to submit your content requests. By sharing your ideas, you contribute to the ongoing expansion of the library, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed your communication needs. Together, we can ensure the content library remains an ever-growing resource tailored to support your dynamic workplace.


Fully Managed Content & In-House Design Services

If you're a small team, don't have the time to learn something new, or are worried about keeping up with content creation and management but know you need digital signage, then a fully managed plan is right for you. Whenever you need to communicate something new, send a request to our design team, and we'll take care of the rest.

Improve Your Content Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes custom content more effective for employee engagement?

Custom content addresses your workforce's specific needs and preferences, making communication more relevant and impactful, which is crucial for engaging and motivating employees.

Can I customize content for different areas within my facility?

Yes, our platform enables you to easily customize and target content for specific areas or groups in your facility, ensuring the right message gets to the right people at the right time.

How quickly can I update and broadcast new content?

Your customized content can be updated and broadcast instantly across your facility. Our user-friendly interface ensures that changes can be made swiftly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

Do I need technical skills to customize and manage the content?

No, technical skills are not necessary. Our platform is designed for ease of use, allowing anyone to customize and manage content without needing specialized technical knowledge.

Can I schedule my custom content for future dates?

Absolutely. You can schedule content to be displayed at future dates and times, allowing you to plan and automate your communication strategy in advance.