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Discover Our Apps

Check-In Kiosk Notifications

Get notifications on FacilityTV when a new visitor checks in at a kiosk.

PowerPoint Online

Share information and content from PowerPoint directly to your digital signage.

Google Slides

Share information from Google Slides directly to your digital signage.

Excel Online

Keep everyone up to date with statistics and other information pulled from Excel Online.

QR Code

Share important links, surveys, and more by including QR codes on your digital signage.

RSS Feeds

Share information from RSS feeds directly to your digital signage.


Embed custom code allowing a wide range of web content to display on your digital signage.

Emergency Messages

Display emergency messages on your digital signage to help improve safety.


Display upcoming events and important dates on your digital signage with a calendar.

Google Calendar

Keep staff and employees up to date with the latest events by displaying information from Google Calendar.

Outlook Calendar

Broadcast important events from an Outlook calendar to your digital signage.


Embed information from your PowerBI dashboard to display on your digital signage.


Displaying a clock on FacilityTV can draw attention often, the average person checks the time over 100 times a day.



Keep visitors and employees informed of local weather updates.

Count Down

Display a countdown timer to important deadlines or other events.


Count Up

Display a counter showing days since last incident or other similar metrics.


Share content from your company's LinkedIn to FacilityTV.


Use your FacilityTV to play YouTube videos and streams.


Highlight your company's Instagram feed on FacilityTV.


Display your company's Twitter feed directly on your FacilityTV.


Share content from your company's Facebook to FacilityTV.


Automatically get news stories from an API right to your digital signage.


Embed content from your website and display it on your digital signage.


Share your company's Yelp reviews on FacilityTV.

Google Trends

Display Google Trends on FacilityTV to engage with viewers.

Google Docs

Share important information from Google Docs directly on your digital signage.

Google Reviews

Include a feed to your company's google reviews.

Google Sheets

Keep everyone up to date with statistics and other information pulled from Google Sheets.

Google Traffic

Integrate Google Traffic to show local traffic on your digital signage.


Aid organization by displaying Monday boards on your FacilityTV.


Aid organization by displaying Trello boards on your FacilityTV.


Add your favorite GIFs to your digital signage with Giphy.

Scrolling Text

Display a constant stream of scrolling messages or announcements to ensure they are seen.


Display stock information on your FacilityTV.

Video Streams

Embed videos and streams from various sources.

World Clock

View clocks from any time zone on your digital signage.


Embed videos from Vimeo to be shown on your FacilityTV.

Covid 19 Info

Keep employees and customers informed with the latest developments and best practices on Covid 19.


Embed a stream of NASA TV into your digital signage.


Embed popular streams to show up on your digital signage.