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How To Notify Your Employees When OSHA Is On-site

How to notify your manufacturing employees when OSHA is on-site.

How to notify your manufacturing employees when OSHA is on-site.

Importance of OSHA Notification for Employees

OSHA has the authority to conduct surprise inspections at any workplace, with little to no advance notice given. These inspections can encompass the entire facility or focus on specific operations within the manufacturing setting.


Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is of utmost importance in any workplace. When it comes to regulatory authorities like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), prompt notification becomes crucial. Notifying employees about the presence of OSHA on-site serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it allows employees to be prepared and follow all necessary safety protocols. Secondly, it demonstrates the company's commitment to maintaining a safe work environment. Lastly, it fosters transparency and builds trust between the management and employees.

Utilizing Visitor Management Systems for OSHA Notification

One effective way to notify employees when OSHA is on-site is by utilizing a Check-In Kiosk. This advanced technology allows you to set specific logic for different types of visitors checking in. For instance, when a regulatory authority like OSHA checks in, the system can be programmed to trigger immediate notifications. These notifications can be sent via text message, email, and even Microsoft Teams messages to relevant individuals or departments. By leveraging the Check-In Kiosk, you can ensure that employees are promptly informed about OSHA's presence and take necessary precautions.

Enhancing OSHA Notification with FactoryTV Integration

To further enhance OSHA notification within your facility, you can integrate the Check-In Kiosk with FactoryTV. FactoryTV is a digital signage solution that seamlessly integrates with the Check-In Kiosk, allowing you to display visitor arrival notifications throughout your workplace. These notifications can be customized according to your preferences and displayed on specified TVs in different areas of your facility. By utilizing this integration, you can ensure that employees are constantly aware of OSHA's presence, creating a culture of safety and awareness.breakroom looker with OSHA Checkin notification

Effective OSHA Notification through Employee Texting Platform

In addition to the Check-In Kiosk and FactoryTV integration, an employee texting platform can be instrumental in notifying employees when OSHA is on-site. With this platform, you have the ability to send messages to entire departments, specific groups, or individuals. This ensures that every employee receives the necessary information and instructions regarding OSHA's presence. Whether it's a reminder to follow safety guidelines or an update on OSHA's inspection progress, the employee texting platform keeps everyone well-informed and prepared.

Benefits of Using Transmissions Products for OSHA Notification

Transmission products offer numerous ways to communicate with your team that OSHA is on-site. They provide a streamlined and efficient way to communicate important information to employees, ensuring prompt and consistent notifications. Secondly, these products enable customization, allowing you to tailor the notifications according to your specific requirements and preferences. Whether it's the content of the notifications or the display location on FactoryTV, you have full control over how the information is presented. Lastly, the integration of different Transmission products creates a comprehensive system that enhances OSHA notification and improves overall workplace safety.Request a Demo


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