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Visitor Kiosk

How a Visitor Management System Creates a Safer Workplace

Learn how a visitor management system can create a safer workplace by implementing touchless check-in and health screenings.

As we transition into a post-COVID world, businesses are implementing extra measures to ensure the safety of their staff upon returning to the workplace. Despite the decline of the pandemic, the future remains uncertain. Therefore, businesses are now more responsible for creating a secure and healthy environment for their employees to work in.

Many guidelines released during the pandemic suggested using technology to limit human contact and reduce interactions. This is why it’s crucial to understand how tools like a visitor management system can help improve safety and security within the workplace. Here at Transmission, we wanted our VMS kiosk to be another resourceful piece of technology that can add to the list of tools that support creating a safer workplace.

Touchless Check-In

Phone allows check in by scanning a QR code on screen.

Although the kiosk removes the need for human interaction, you may still have visitors who would prefer not to interact with a frequently touched surface. In an effort to limit the number of germs spread from public surfaces, Transmission offers “Touchless Check-In” as an option for guests to check in to the facility from their personal devices by scanning a QR code displayed on the kiosk. This feature also mitigates the need for an employee to sanitize the kiosk frequently between check-ins.

Health Screenings

The interaction in the lobby, usually the first point of contact, is an opportunity to leverage the VMS to establish expectations. Screening visitors before they enter your facility reinforces health and safety compliance. Serve each visitor a quiz through the kiosk to confirm that they have not come into contact with anyone that would result in their presence being a health risk to your employees. After a visitor provides answers to the health screening questions, their responses are permanently documented and stored in the cloud. If a visitor fails the health screening, they will receive a text that discreetly lets them know that they have been denied access to the facility and how to reschedule the visit at a later date.

Shows LobbyFox screen rejecting a visitor prompting the office is not accepting visitors at this time.

Automating the visitor health screening removes the need for an employee to come in contact with the visitor. If a visitor were to fail their screening, politely asking them to leave the facility would be the kiosk's responsibility rather than requiring your employee to handle the situation. Instead, your employee receives a text from the kiosk regarding the dismissal of a potentially ill visitor. If you want additional staff to be informed of a failed health screening, your kiosk can notify your COVID response team to come and disinfect the kiosk. 

Although COVID-19 is the latest concern, security and emergency preparedness professionals should implement an all-hazards approach to managing visitors. Having forward-thinking procedures in place shows your visitors that you care about your employees' safety and theirs. Using a VMS like Transmission allows you to comprehensively manage the visitors that arrive at your facility daily.

Emergency Text Blasts

Touchless check-in, health screenings, and automatic dismissal are not the only benefits of our Check-In Kiosks. They also create a safer workplace by allowing you to easily reach everyone on-site in case of an emergency. With our pre-made templates, you can quickly send instructions to all currently checked-in visitors via text message, ensuring they know what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency. Additionally, you can provide emergency personnel with a log of all visitors on-site, giving them a complete picture of the situation and helping them respond more effectively.

Let Transmission automate your visitor management processes, ensuring a safe and compliant check-in. 

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