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Employee Kiosks

On-Demand Resources

Customizable kiosks are vital points for information distribution, reporting, and more. Access safety and operational documentation near machinery while utilizing additional kiosks for HR forms, training, etc. Ensure that employees have access to materials when and where they need them.


Customizable Kiosks for Employee Resources

  • Training

  • Forms

  • Head Count

  • Notifications

  • Reporting

How to properly change blades on the slitter box

Serve Videos

Empower your team with the knowledge they need right on the production floor with video access. Allow employees to instantly view videos ranging from machine operation instructions and lockout-tagout procedures to troubleshooting guides, tutorial videos, today's job instructions, and more.


Streamlined Data Collection and Notifications

Set up customized forms to gather data across various needs, from near misses to event sign-ups. Designated employees or teams can receive instant notifications upon submission, ensuring swift action and follow-up. All collected data integrates directly into the Transmission platform, providing a centralized, accessible overview for streamlined management and decision-making.


Efficient Tracking and Engagement

Optimize your attendance management. By entering their information, employees can easily check-in for their specific production lines, shift start-up meetings, training sessions, or company events. Enhance accountability and engagement with integrated quizzes and acknowledgments that verify attention and participation during these events. 


Streamlined Communication Across Departments

Enhance your operational efficiency with targeted notifications from the Employee Kiosk. Specify which departments, groups, or individuals receive alerts when certain actions are completed, with notifications sent directly via text message, email, Microsoft Teams, or Slack.


Stored in the Cloud, Easily Searchable & Exportable

Easily search and export comprehensive reports on employee activities, including videos watched, documents signed, quizzes taken, and forms completed. Benefit from unlimited, indefinite cloud storage, ensuring that all your data is secure and accessible whenever you need it. 


Optimize Operations with Tailored Kiosk Solutions

Each kiosk is custom-built to streamline specific workflows, enhance communication, and improve efficiency across various departments. Make important resources and job-specific tools accessible on demand. Customizable employee kiosks deliver instructions, safety procedures, and operational guidance near machinery.


Production Floor


HR-Employee-KioskHuman Resources

Mobile CheckPoints

Mobile CheckPoints use QR codes for access without internet, power, or hardware. These Mobile CheckPoints allow employees to access resources on their mobile device, as they would on a kiosk, simply by scanning a QR Code. Those QR Codes can be printed in any size and on any material.

QR code

Benefits of Employee Kiosks

No employee log-in
No user licensing fee
No app to download
Collect information anonymously or identified
Easy access to information
Real-time notifications
Versatile and easy-to-use

Ready to Get Started?

Hardware Included + Lifetime Warranty

  • 27" Touch screen (countertop or wall-mounted)
  • All ancillary cabling 
  • Onboarding and account setup
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Integrations with Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, and Slack
  • Floorstands and additional screen sizes are sold separately.

Combine Transmissions Products for Maximum Impact

The Transmission product suite is designed to work together. Enhance communication by integrating the Employee Kiosk with other Transmission products like FacilityTV. Actions at the kiosk can trigger real-time alerts on FacilityTV.

In addition to sending pop-up notifications to FacilityTVs, Employee Texting allows those same messages to be sent directly to employees. Transmission's centralized and flexible product suite integrates seamlessly with your communication strategy, allowing you to create text templates, groups, and schedule messages.

The Admin Portal allows you to manage your FacilityTVs, set user access control, manage reports, profiles, and company content, activate emergency communication, send internal text messages, and more.

24/7 Support

At Transmission, customer support is not an add-on; it's an integral part of our commitment to your success. You'll get access to our dedicated customer support team with every product, whether you have a question, need guidance, or encounter an issue, our support team is ready to help. 

What channels can be used to reach support?



Live Chat

Microsoft Teams

Submit a Form


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Employee Kiosk?

An Employee Kiosk is a digital touch-screen platform designed for use in manufacturing environments to facilitate various employee-related tasks such as training, information sharing, and task management.

How can the Employee Kiosk be used in a manufacturing setting?

The kiosk is highly customizable and can be used for a wide range of activities, including accessing training videos, completing quizzes, signing digital forms, submitting maintenance requests, and checking in for shifts or company events.

What types of notifications can the Employee Kiosk send?

The kiosk can trigger notifications via text messages, emails, and even through Microsoft Teams to inform management or relevant personnel about task completions, form submissions, or urgent alerts.

Can the Employee Kiosk integrate with other systems?

Yes, the Employee Kiosk can integrate seamlessly with other Transmission products, such as FacilityTV, for displaying QR codes, check-in queues, and real-time alerts.