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 Click through to see how this kiosk can facilitate continuous learning and ensure compliance with safety protocols in your workplace. Start using it now to experience its full potential for streamlining educational sessions and meetings!

Training/Meeting Room Employee Kiosk

Employee Profile

Customize each interaction with the kiosk by choosing to toggle employee identification on or off. Whether accessing information anonymously or with a profile, ensure the right balance of privacy and personalization for every task.


Resource Access

Transform traditional binders into digital formats with easy access to essential instructions and documents right on the kiosk. Enable employees to quickly find what they need without the clutter of physical files.


Enhance learning and instruction with video content. Replace lengthy training manuals with concise videos covering various topics, from maintenance how-tos and safety procedures to production instructions. Visual learning helps reinforce understanding and retention.


Optimize your attendance management. By entering their information, employees can easily check-in for their specific production lines, shift start-up meetings, training sessions, or company events. 



Test and reinforce employee knowledge after training sessions or safety meetings with interactive quizzes. Enhance retention and ensure understanding of critical information directly at the kiosk.

Document Collection and Retention

Serve and collect digital documents in multiple formats, including acknowledgments, surveys, and signature collection. All documents attached to the employee's profile are stored in the Admin Portal.


Stay informed with real-time alerts on critical actions taken at the kiosk. Customize notifications to be sent via Microsoft Teams, email, text message, or even broadcasted on FactoryTV screens, ensuring relevant updates reach the right people immediately.


Access detailed reports through the Admin Portal to track kiosk usage and interactions. Analyze data on workflow popularity, information views, and overall kiosk activity, all securely stored in the cloud for unlimited access.