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Dive into features like taking an employee feedback survey or exploring the health insurance portal. Click through the options to see firsthand how this kiosk can streamline HR processes and enhance employee engagement in your organization. Start exploring now and see the benefits for yourself!

Human Resources Employee Kiosk

Employee Profile

Customize each interaction with the kiosk by choosing to toggle employee identification on or off. Whether accessing information anonymously or with a profile, ensure the right balance of privacy and personalization for every task. When employee identification is toggled on all completed task will be associated to their profile. 

Resource Access

Transform traditional binders into digital formats with easy access to essential workplace policies and documents right on the kiosk. Enable employees to quickly find what they need without the clutter of physical files.


Confirm employee understanding by acknowledging receipt and comprehension. Ensure that employees are aware of policy updates or HR initiatives.


Collect valuable employee feedback through surveys directly from the kiosk. Collect feedback anonymously or tied to an employee profile.


Set up customized forms to gather data across various needs, from feedback, requesting time off, or signing up for health benefits during open enrollment, streamline your paperwork digitally.

Collect Signatures

Gather necessary signatures for document approvals and verifications, streamlining the process of formalizing HR documents.

Serve Videos

Enhance learning with informational videos ranging from new employee training sessions to annual open enrollment guidelines. Employees can stay informed with visual content that explains complex topics simply.

External URLs

Access external resources easily—link directly to health insurance portals, payroll information, or external training programs without leaving the kiosk.


HR managers can review detailed reports on kiosk usage, track engagement with specific HR programs, and monitor compliance with required forms and acknowledgments—all stored securely and accessible anytime.


Stay informed with real-time alerts on critical actions taken at the kiosk. Customize notifications to be sent via Microsoft Teams, email, text message, or even broadcasted on FactoryTV screens, ensuring relevant updates reach the right people immediately.