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Will Visitor Management Systems Replace the Receptionists?

Learn how visitor management systems improve workplace efficiency, enhance customer service, and free up receptionists to focus on important tasks.

Do you remember the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Mr. Bucket loses his job at the toothpaste factory because they bring in a robot that can do his job instead? Every time a new piece of technology is developed that automates a process, do you find yourself thinking, “I wonder whose job that machine took?” 

We indeed live in a world where technology is being developed at a rapid rate, and naturally, technology is being built to automate processes that a human would typically do. You may have noticed this at the airport, where a kiosk takes your information and prints out your boarding pass. You’ve probably realized it at the grocery store when you’re scanning your own items at the self-checkout. Pieces of technology that streamline a process are intermingled with our day-to-day lives. Some people even prefer the self-service route as opposed to speaking with an employee. According to a  Harvard Study, “57% of inbound calls come from customers who first attempted to resolve their issue on the company’s website.” People may choose to work with technology because it keeps their day moving and saves time or because they would simply prefer their interaction with technology rather than talking to a real person. 

The misconception behind the technology is that it is meant to replace human interaction when, in reality, digital technology won’t replace humans- it will help them.

Transformation of Duties

Allow me to tell you a story about the digital age and how technology has transformed the customer service experience in lobbies, as well as benefited the receptionist.

Airport Kiosks

In the pre-digital age, visitors entered a lobby and were greeted with a paper logbook waiting to collect their personal information. The visitor would scribble all their information down while maybe even taking a glance to see who else had visited that day. The visitor would then wait for the receptionist to be off the phone before they could be given an orientation, video to watch, or more forms to sign. After completing the check-in process, the visitor would then have to wait for the receptionist to track down the host that they were there to see. This entire process was very time-consuming, and if visitors showed up in the meantime, they would all be left waiting on the receptionist.

This outdated experience was unpleasant for anyone and didn’t leave the great first impression of customer service that the visitor would have hoped for. Instead, the visitor spent way longer waiting in the lobby than they would have wanted to, and the flustered receptionist was trying to handle important documents that needed to be filed correctly while simultaneously tracking down hosts throughout the building. 

There are so many factors in the outdated visitor check-in process that need improvement. Safety, security, and compliance were all falling through the cracks, and visitors were left unimpressed. Companies began looking for ways to improve their visitor experience as well as the receptionists' quality of life… after all, handling visitors was only one of the many job duties required of the receptionist.

Prevent Communication Issues

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When the receptionist doesn’t speak the same language as the visitor, the language barrier can create hazardous conditions for the safety of both the visitor and your staff. If the visitor is making a delivery and can’t understand the instructions, your entire logistics department is left scrambling to resume order.  Job applicants may feel unwelcome. Being prepared to accommodate customers or colleagues who speak other languages sets a great first impression for visiting your facility and solidifies your commitment to their safety. 

So, to combat the many pain points in the visitor experience, companies turned to technology for help and ultimately stumbled upon visitor management systems. These systems, like Transmission, took into account that some interactions can afford to be transactional rather than relational– and could optimize the speed and efficiency of the check-in process. 

Now, in this digital age, a visitor management system automates the check-in process by providing visitor orientation based on the purpose of their visit. Different types of visitors are served the correct legal documents, forms to fill out, and safety videos to watch, which are then stored in the cloud. 

Increased Focus on Other Responsibilities

Now I bet you’re thinking, Mr. Bucket was good at his job and when the factory decided to modernize his role was eliminated…what happens to the receptionist? Does the kiosk replace the need for the receptionist entirely?

The truth: Unlike Mr. Bucket attaching toothpaste caps, your receptionist isn’t just checking in visitors. Most receptionists serve other office duties and merely check in visitors because of their proximity to the door. The VMS does not replace your receptionist; instead, it works in collaboration with a receptionist to assist them, communicate in 32 languages, and free them up to focus on more important tasks or even the actual job they were hired to perform. 

With Transmission, your receptionist now has better access to visitor reports (they didn’t have to file) and emergency notification information. They aren’t finding themselves repeating the exact phrases all day or being tied up trying to locate a visitors’ host who isn’t at their desk. Your receptionist no longer has to risk contact with a visitor to perform a health screening or have uncomfortable conversations with unwanted solicitors. Transmission is a receptionist’s favorite tool.

Utilize a visitor management system to leave your clients, contractors, vendors, colleagues, job applicants, and drivers with that essential first impression. With a smooth and convenient check-in process, prompt host notification, and text communication, your visitors know they’re a priority. Having office technology that empowers your receptionist to prioritize and plan their day without the unpredictability of visitor orientations lets him/her know you respect their diligent work.

Would a visitor management system benefit your facility? Let us show you how Transmission can automate your current processes!

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