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The Future of Safety and Hazard Training: Visitor Management Software

Improve industrial safety with visitor management software. Ensure compliance, prevent unwanted guests, and manage emergencies effectively.

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Safety and hazard training at industrial facilities is rapidly evolving thanks to the disruptions brought about by digital technologies. Formerly, safety and hazard training focused primarily on employees, with no more than an afterthought given to safety and hazard prevention for visitors of industrial facilities.

Now, all that is changing thanks to the adoption of visitor management software by industrial facilities around the world. These powerful software programs have revolutionized the ways in which hazard prevention is approached within the context of designing safety training programs. The reality is facilities are just as accountable for the safety of their visitors as they are for their staff. Digital visitor management systems have become a core part of updating the safety of an industrial facility as they help to govern who has permission to enter a facility as well as streamline the visitor’s orientation process. Let’s take a closer look at four tips for future-proofing your safety and hazard training using visitor management software

4 Tips for Future-Proofing Your Safety and Hazard Training with Visitor Management Software

Monitor Who Enters and Leaves Your Facilities Digitally

To effectively manage your facility's security, you must always know who is on your premises. For this reason, a core part of future-proofing your safety and hazard training is learning how to implement a visitor management system to monitor visitors. With Transmission, there is a record of when a visitor entered your facility and when they left. Additionally, each visitor is required to submit key data points such as their name, phone number, email address, photograph, who they are there to see, and more. This data is securely stored by the visitor management software so that it can be accessed should an issue arise during their visit.

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Leverage Automated Exclusion Lists to Prevent Unwanted Guests from Entering

Not all guests are wanted at your facilities. For various reasons, certain individuals could fail a health screening or pose a security threat to your company. Modern safety and hazard training protocols include using cutting-edge visitor management software to screen visitors and deny access to persons present on exclusion lists or who don’t meet set criteria upon check-in. The visitor management software receives input from unwanted visitors and then discretely issues a dismissal message without causing a scene in your lobby.

Maintain Compliance with Safety Rules by Electronically Signing Legal Documents

Many industrial facilities require visitors to sign legal documents, including non-disclosure agreements, on-site rules acknowledgments, waivers, and more. Being mindful to include these documents seamlessly in the pre-registration or check-in process is an important part of modern safety and hazard training for facilities. 

Visitor management software is a powerful tool to help ensure visitors comply with signing all legal documents before being admitted to your facility. These documents are easily presented to guests via visitor management software at the lobby kiosk and your facility. Moreover, once a visitor has signed the required documents, the visitor management system securely stores this information. Subsequently, if a guest violates any of the agreements encompassed in the documents, you can easily pull up the executed documents from the visitor management platform. 

 Get a Real-Time View of Who is Present During Emergencies

Traditional paper logbooks that are used to record the entries of visitors at facilities have serious shortcomings when it comes to keeping everyone safe during emergencies. With a paper logbook, how do you know if a certain guest is still on the premises?

When it comes to future-proofing your safety and hazard training, it’s vital that you use visitor management software to get a precise view of who is in your facilities when emergencies occur. With this automated, up-to-date data, you can manage emergencies far more effectively than you used to with paper logbooks. 

When an emergency evacuation takes place, your staff can quickly identify all visitors who are still in your building to make sure everyone exits and is accounted for during the evacuation. Additionally, a visitor management platform will automatically send notifications to all visitors in your building, letting them know that there is an emergency and that they must exit the building or take shelter in a designated area.

Ready to take your safety and hazard training to the next level with visitor management software? Contact Transmission today to learn how to modernize your safety plans for increased security using visitor management software.

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