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Boosting Safety with Video Training in Manufacturing

Improve manufacturing safety with video-based training and visitor management systems.

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Safety is the number one priority of many modern facilities. Manufacturing environments can be dangerous, given the complex machinery and equipment employees interact with daily. Creating a safer environment begins with ensuring that every employee and facility visitor is adequately trained and understands the potential dangers.

Disregarding safety protocols can result in serious injuries as well as financial loss. Even if no accident occurs, manufacturing companies can face massive fines for failure to keep workers and visitors safe. Therefore, facilities should have a rigorous training process for all new hires to complete before they can work independently. The same process also prepares visitors to navigate the facility safely.

Effective, Up-To-Date, and Error Free Training

Image of a hand holding a note with written reminder.

Another employee typically provides safety training, although it may also be presented as a set of documents providing instructions for new hires and visitors. While these forms of training may work for some companies, the possibility of human error can’t be discounted. Someone giving the same orientation repeatedly could accidentally omit important information or documentation. Providing training in a video format ensures information is never skipped and frees up the employee to focus on more productive tasks.

Properly Train Employees and Visitors

To ensure consistent and proper training, management may use videos to share information with employees, contractors, job applicants, and anyone who visits the facility. Studies show adding videos can improve one's ability to remember concepts and details — and those effects increase over time.

"Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text."
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Manufacturing facilities may have a variety of visitor types with different orientations and needs. Safety training videos can be curated to specific visitor types, such as contractors, truck drivers, or vendors. This ensures each visitor is given the exact information relevant to their visit. 

Visitor management systems provide a great way to easily manage multiple orientations and ensure that each visitor type is given the correct training they need while demonstrating their information retention. For example, these systems can serve training videos, keep records of who has watched the video, and even serve the visitor with a quiz following the video to ensure they understand the information and have a clear vision of what is expected and allowed during their visit. A kiosk with customizable videos for each type of visitor is more engaging and considerably increases what the person retains.

Alternative Ways to Use Video

Video is a great way to ensure visitors understand your facility's structure and rules. With personalized footage recorded inside your facility, they won’t be wandering around confused. Instead, they’ll already understand the essential facility functions and layout within just a few minutes of entering the building. Videos can also show job applicants the benefits of working for your company or a taste of your company's cultural flavor. Taking the time to think of what questions visitors may have and including them in your video is a great way to create a positive and welcoming first impression.

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Some visitor types, like contractors, may need a refresher course on safety protocols a handful of times each year. With a visitor management kiosk, videos can be reserved as often as your company policy dictates or when new protocols are established. This can be anything from required information due to contract regulations or safety equipment locations. After the video, contractors may be quizzed on the policies or protocols they have just learned. If the contractor fails the quiz, the video can quickly be reserved to ensure they have a complete understanding. 

Any measure that increases the odds of employees and visitors staying safe is a worthy investment, and videos are a powerful tool for relaying information. Our kiosk-based software can automate your visitor orientation, keep a historical record of visitor reports, and be customized to fit the needs of each of your potential visitor types. 

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