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Revolutionize Your Content Management with FactoryTV

Transmission offers a digital signage solution tailored for the manufacturing industry, simplifying content management and enhancing communication.

Transmission offers a digital signage solution tailored for the manufacturing industry, simplifying content management and enhancing internal communication.

Streamline Content Management with FactoryTVs Content Library

FactoryTV provides a streamlined content management system designed exclusively for the manufacturing industry. With our digital signage solution, managing your signage becomes effortless. You can easily upload your own content or quickly find what you need in our content library. Our content management system features intuitive tagging for easy organization and search.  Filter by themes or topics, preview content, create folders, and save your favorites to your My Library for faster access. 

In addition, our platform offers a content library full of ready-to-use video and image templates that are easy to edit. Whether you need to communicate important announcements or share engaging content with your employees, FactoryTV has you covered.

Ready-to-Use Templates and Custom Content Options

FactoryTV provides a wide range of ready-to-use video and image templates that can be easily customized to match your branding and messaging. Whether you're looking to educate employees on current initiatives, share safety guidelines, or highlight employee achievements, our templates have you covered. If you can't find the template you're looking for, you can submit a content request or even upload your own content. With FactoryTV, you have the flexibility to create the perfect content for your digital signage.

We have a team of designers who can help you create content for your digital signage through our fully managed service. All you have to do is send us an email with the message you want to communicate, and our team will create it for you and upload it to the appropriate TV channels. Our goal is to make your digital signage experience as easy and stress-free as possible.



Intuitive Tagging and Organization

FactoryTV's content management system makes organizing and finding your content a breeze. Our platform features intuitive tagging that allows you to categorize and search for your content easily. You can quickly find what you need, whether you're looking for a specific theme or topic. Create folders to organize your content further and save your favorites to your My Library for faster access. FactoryTV's intuitive tagging and organization features make content management a seamless process.

My Library with the tags for engineering

Fully Managed Service for Hassle-Free Digital Signage

If you're looking for a fully managed digital signage service, FactoryTV has you covered. Our in-house design team will handle all aspects of content creation and delivery, ensuring timely, fresh, and relevant communications. From scheduling content to updating messages, our operations allow you to focus on your core business while keeping your internal communication dynamic and engaging.

With FactoryTV's fully managed service, you can leave the content creation and management to us. We'll take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about it. Let us handle your digital signage and experience hassle-free communication with your employees.

Dynamic and Engaging Internal Communication

FactoryTV is a digital signage solution that enables dynamic and engaging internal communication within your manufacturing facility. It lets you easily select what content should be displayed on each TV, whether it’s important updates, open enrollment deadlines, sustainability initiatives, or company events.

You can upload your own content, explore our content library, or opt for a completely managed service. Transmission makes managing digital signage easy, ensuring that your internal communication remains engaging and effective. By using FactoryTV, you can revolutionize your internal communication and create a more connected workforce, leading to a positive work environment and well-informed employees.

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