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Visitor Kiosk

Importance of Visitor Badges

Improve facility security with visitor badges. Easily identify who's in your facility.

Visitor badges – more often referred to as security or name badges – identify guests in a workplace. While you may commonly think of visitor badges being used in a school or government building, they are just as crucial for visitors at a manufacturing facility as they help increase security and safety. 

A visitor badge is usually given to a person upon check-in before they leave the lobby and enter the rest of the building. Since this is typically the final step in the visitor's check-in or orientation, it signals to employees that the visitor has taken the proper steps to enter the facility and that the administration is aware of their presence. 

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of visitor badges and why they improve the functionality of the workplace.

Improve Security and Safety

Security is a top priority for manufacturing and industrial companies. These companies invest a sizable amount each year into keeping their premise safe, whether that be in onsite security, safety training, or emergency preparedness. However, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, meaning it’s important that visitors are not overlooked. 

The first step to improving visitor safety is setting an expectation for their visit. Requiring visitors to understand the facility's safety rules is a vital step to minimize any risks. Once the visitor has been properly informed by watching videos, signing documents, and answering acknowledgment questions, they should be issued a visitor badge. Require visitors to wear the badge while they are on-site, as it helps to indicate who they are and why they are there.

Visitor management systems are extremely helpful in this scenario since an automated process would require visitors to fully complete their orientation before they can receive a badge. And with visitor management systems, you can customize your badges to display any information that you find relevant. A VMS like Transmission also stores visitor reports that are easily accessible and display a consistent record of who was in your facility on any given day. Records like these can be extremely crucial to have on hand in the event of an audit, emergency, litigation, contact tracing, billing verification, etc.

If a visitor bypasses the receptionist or visitor management system, it will be much easier for your security to spot someone lacking any sort of ID. Some areas of your facility may be restricted to only employees or certain visitor types, so providing visitors with a badge ensures that they will only be escorted to areas where they are permitted. 

Visitors Prefer to Have a Badge

When a host is notified that someone is there to see them, it’s relieving to know that their guest will be wearing a badge, making them easier to identify. Visitors who aren’t assigned a host will still be recognizable to employees as a visitor. This not only creates a layer of safety for employees but also makes the visitor feel more comfortable and easily approachable by staff. 

The reality is that visitors prefer to wear a badge, especially in a facility that they are unfamiliar with. Visitors want to feel welcomed by the company, and since most visitor badges include the name of the visitor, company name, and visitor type, the introduction has already been made for them. Visitor badges also boost your company brand and professional image by communicating to your visitors that their safety and experience are important.  Let’s face it…sometimes you forget a person’s name.  Visitor badges save the day.

Expiring vs. Non-Expiring Visitor Badges

Regular visitor badges can be customized to display the visitor's auto checkout time. A more visible solution that adds an extra layer of security is time-expiring labels. The Transmission printer is compatible with Dymo time-expiring labels that have an invisible red sign that will only appear once the time has run out.

Customizing Visitor Badges for Enhanced Visitor Experience

With Transmission, gone are the days of generic visitor badges. Now, you can ensure that each visitor's badge reflects their unique identity and purpose. Whether they're a contractor, supplier, or VIP guest, their badge can prominently display:

  • Visitor Name: Instantly recognizable by employees, fostering a welcoming environment.
  • Host Name: Streamlines communication and facilitates smoother interactions.
  • Visitor Company Name: Provides context and reinforces professional connections.
  • Visitor Type: Clearly delineates between different visitor categories, aiding security measures.
  • Visitor Photo: Adds an extra layer of verification and security.
  • Visitor Citizenship: Essential for compliance and regulatory purposes.
  • Check-in Time: Tracks visitor activity and ensures adherence to schedules.
  • Auto-check out by: Helps manage visitor duration and access privileges.
  • Logo: Promotes brand visibility and professionalism.

Customized badges aren't just about aesthetics; they reinforce security protocols. By displaying relevant information, badges ensure visitors are easily identifiable and authorized for specific areas within your facility.

How to Make Visitor Identification Happen Consistently

With visitor management systems like Transmission, it’s easy to ensure that every visitor receives proper identification when they enter your facility. Visitor management systems automate the check-in process through kiosk technology, allowing visitors to check into a facility independently. The Transmission kiosk requires visitors to complete all steps of the check-in process before receiving their visitor badge. Transmission is a unique tool that consistently reinforces company policy and improves visitor visibility. Start prioritizing your visitors now with the help of Transmission.

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