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How the Employee Kiosk Transforms Manufacturing Operations

Transform manufacturing operations with the Employee Kiosk, enhancing communication, training, resource access, incident reporting, and more.

Many facilities grapple with challenges such as retaining institutional knowledge as experienced employees retire, conducting efficient training, and maintaining streamlined communications across the board. The truth of the madder is that as the manufacturing industry continues to face skill gaps and high turnover rates, facilities are turning to digital solutions to improve operations and enhance communication.

The Employee Kiosk is designed to address the unique challenges of the manufacturing industry by providing a solution that delivers on-demand access to critical resources right on the manufacturing floor. Digitize the binder on the wall and allow employees to access safety documentation, watch how-to videos, request help on the floor, access HR benefits, report a near miss, and more right at the kiosk. Let's take a look at how the Employee Kiosk can be used to streamline operational workflows and communicate with a deskless workforce.

In-Depth Look at Employee Kiosk Features

Resource Access

The Employee Kiosk can be a central hub for all necessary operational manuals, safety protocols, and HR documents. This access is crucial for employees who need to reference materials quickly without sifting through physical binders or outdated systems. By digitizing these resources, the kiosk ensures that all employees have instant access to the most current information, enhancing compliance and operational readiness.

Training and Safety Videos

One of the standout features of the Employee Kiosk is its ability to serve videos directly to employees. These can range from detailed training modules and step-by-step maintenance guides to quick how-to instructions and safety reminders. Uploading videos to the kiosk can be as simple as filming a procedure on your iPhone and making it available for others to watch. The Transmission design team can add captions and instructions to the video to make it easily followable.

This video functionality is essential for reinforcing training on complex machinery or procedures, allowing employees to review critical information right at the workstation, and ensuring procedures are followed precisely and safely.

Document Management

The kiosk streamlines various administrative tasks by enabling employees to view, fill out, and submit forms directly through its interface. This includes everything from time-off requests to maintenance reports and incident logs. The digitization of these processes reduces paper waste, speeds up administrative tasks, and improves record accuracy and accessibility.

Practical Use Cases

Safety Compliance and Training

Using the kiosk, a new employee can instantly access training videos specific to their role, acknowledge that they have understood the material, and even take quizzes to confirm their comprehension. Once training materials have been completed, management will receive a notification. From the Admin Portal, you can easily view the employee's activity at the kiosk, signed documents, and quiz results. This immediate, interactive approach ensures that all employees are consistently trained according to the latest safety standards.

Maintenance and Reporting

When a machine malfunctions or requires routine maintenance, an employee can quickly submit a maintenance request via the kiosk without leaving their station to track down help. This submission triggers an automated notification to the maintenance team, sent through their preferred communication channels such as text, email, or Microsoft Teams. This rapid response capability minimizes downtime and ensures that machinery is maintained efficiently.

Operational Efficiency

At shift changes, rather than holding lengthy meetings, shift leaders can update daily objectives and tasks directly on the kiosk. Employees can check these updates at the start of their shift, allowing them to begin work immediately and clearly understand their responsibilities for the day.

Communication Enhancements and Engagement

Notification Alerts

The Employee Kiosk enhances communication flow by notifying management or specific employees when particular forms are filled out, or specific actions are taken. For example, if an employee reports a safety incident, the kiosk automatically alerts the safety officer, ensuring swift action and follow-up, thereby fostering a safer workplace environment. Notifications from the kiosk can be sent via text message, email, Microsoft Teams, and even displayed on FactoryTV screens.

Employee Engagement

The kiosk can also serve as a platform for recognizing employee achievements. For HR leaders who are looking for employee shoutouts or employee feedback surveys, the kiosk can be a great way to collect this information. Decided if employees should complete the survey anonymously or if it should be attached to their employee profile.

By integrating the Employee Kiosk with FactoryTV, any acknowledgments or recognitions can be broadcast across facility screens, boosting morale and encouraging a culture of appreciation and transparency.

Customization and Integration

Customization Capabilities

Each kiosk is tailored to meet the unique demands of different facility areas, from the production floor to break rooms and training areas. This customization ensures that the kiosk provides relevant information to employees where they need it most.


The Employee Kiosk is more than just a piece of technology; it's a dynamic solution designed to transform the way manufacturing facilities operate and communicate with employees. The kiosk is an invaluable asset for any manufacturing operation looking to stay competitive in a challenging industry by providing on-demand access to essential resources, streamlining communication, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Discover the full capabilities of the Employee Kiosk and how it can specifically benefit your operations by scheduling a demo today.

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