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Frequently Asked Questions


Is FacilityTV suitable for large-scale manufacturing facilities?

Absolutely! FacilityTV is scalable and can cater to manufacturing facilities of all sizes. Whether you have a single plant or multiple locations, FacilityTV can be adapted to meet your communication needs.

Is FacilityTV compatible with any TV?

Yes, FacilityTV can connect to any existing TV that has an HDMI port.

Can I use my existing content, or do I have to create new content for FacilityTV?

You can use existing content on FacilityTV, or our team can create custom content to meet your specific needs.

How can FacilityTV benefit my manufacturing facility?

FacilityTV can benefit your manufacturing company by enhancing employee engagement, improving communication across the workforce, and boosting productivity. The dynamic custom videos and animations will catch employees' attention and deliver important messages in a memorable way.

How secure is the information displayed on FacilityTV?

Security is a top priority for the Transmission Product Suite. Data displayed on FacilityTV is protected with industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure confidential information remains secure.

Where does the content displayed on my FacilityTV come from?

Our advanced digital signage software allows you to upload existing content, create your own inside the admin portal or utilize our ready-to-use video and image templates made for the manufacturing industry. The library also includes editable templates for quick customization, perfect for those without a dedicated marketing team or limited time.

Does FacilityTV include a TV?

No. FacilityTV is a software program that runs custom-made digital signage content on a tv. You're free to use any TV that has an HDMI port. It does NOT have to be a SMART TV or have any apps installed.

What is FacilityTV?

FacilityTV is a digital signage solution designed specifically for manufacturing environments, allowing for real-time communication of important information, updates, and metrics directly on TV screens within a facility.

How does FacilityTV integrate with other Transmission Product Suite components?

FacilityTV seamlessly integrates with the Visitor Kiosk, Employee Texting via the Admin Portal, allowing for dynamic updates based on events, direct messaging, and centralized control over the content displayed.

Can FacilityTV display real-time production data?

Yes, FacilityTV can integrate with your existing systems to display real-time production data, helping to keep your workforce informed and engaged with up-to-the-minute metrics.

What kind of content can be displayed on FacilityTV?

Anything you need to communicate. Content can range from safety alerts, production metrics, and KPIs to custom messages, news, and even QR codes for easy access to external links or resources.

How do we manage and update the content shown on FacilityTV?

Content is created, updated, managed, and stored through the Admin Portal, providing a centralized platform to control what is displayed, schedule content changes, and ensure your screens always show the most relevant information.

Visitor Kiosk

What features does the Visitor Kiosk offer for visitor management?

The Visitor Kiosk provides a seamless visitor experience with automated orientations, touchless check-ins, and multi-language support. It also offers real-time notifications and a detailed visitor log for efficient facility management.

What options do I have for placing my kiosk?

The Visitor Kiosk is offered in a number of configurations, such as a free-standing kiosk, a kiosk that can be placed on a countertop, or even a version that can be mounted to your wall.

Is a badge printer included with the purchase of a Visitor Kiosk?

Yes! We include a free badge printer with every kiosk, and we'll send you two rolls of labels to get you started.

What if I have people who visit frequently?

Although new visitors need to be properly oriented by watching videos, signging documents, etc. recurring visitors may not need to be put through the same spiel. Customize the kiosk to recognize returning visitors and only revisit information when you decide it's necessary!

What's the difference between a QR code display and Touchless check-in?

Kiosk display options come with a QR code on the screen to give visitors the option of checking in from the kiosk or their smartphone. A QR code display acts as a separate kiosk with unique logic and only allows visitors to check-in from their phone or smart device

Can QR codes be printed in any size on any material?

Yes, once a QR code is added to your subscription, it is up to the customer to decide how they would like the code to be printed and what size fits your needs best!

Can I search visitor reports by a specific date?

Yes, visitor reports are easily searchable and exportable. Search by a specific date, check-in type, company name, and more.

Can I customize pre-registration links?

Yes! Administrators can specify their own, custom URL that their pre-registration process will live at, e.x. “prereg.sendtransmission.com/YourOrganization"

Can I reprint a badge if the original is ruined or lost?

Yes!  Your visitor can return to the kiosk, tap “check-in,” and enter their phone number.  The kiosk will remind them that they are already checked in and ask if they’d like to check out or reprint the name badge.  Select “reprint name badge.”

Is the cost of shipping an additional fee?

Shipping is calculated based on weight, size, and final destination.  Floorstands and touchscreens larger than 43” are shipped via freight.

What's the difference between CheckPoints and Touchless check-in?

The kiosks have two options for visitors to check in: either by using the kiosk or by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen with their smartphone. However, the CheckPoint is different as it only works through a separate QR code with its own unique logic. It allows visitors to check in only via their phone or smart device.

Can visitors have a copy of the documents they sign at the kiosk?

Yes! The Check-In Kiosk enables visitors to choose to receive a link via text to view and save a copy of the agreement that they signed when checking in. Visitors will receive an eight-digit code alongside this link in order to access the agreement; this link expires after eight hours for security.

Text Messaging

What is the text messaging product, and how does it work?

This product allows you to send direct text messages to employees' mobile phones, facilitating instant communication of updates, alerts, and important information, all managed through a centralized platform.

What support is available for setting up and using the text messaging product?

We offer comprehensive support, including setup assistance, training for your team, and ongoing customer service to ensure you get the most out of the product.

Can I easily schedule messages for later with the admin portal?

Yes, the admin portal provides a user-friendly interface to schedule messages for later, allowing you to plan and coordinate communication effectively, even when you're not physically present.

Can someone text me back?

Not at this time, but updates are coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Can I text images?

Not at this time, but updates are coming soon and you can text links! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Do employees need to download an app to receive messages?

No, messages are sent directly to employees' mobile phones as SMS texts, so there's no need for them to download or install any apps.

How can we ensure compliance with text messaging laws and regulations?

Our platform is designed with compliance in mind, including opt-in and opt-out features for recipients, to ensure that your use of text messaging aligns with legal requirements and best practices.

Is text messaging unlimited?

The text messaging platform includes 2,000 text messages monthly. Seamlessly send messages to visitors, employees, or entire departments, empowering efficient communication.

Can I create templates for frequent messages?

Yes! With our text templates, you can prepare messages for common scenarios or emergencies in advance. Simply type your message and name your template to find it easily.

How do I upload employee data into the system?

You can upload a file containing your current staff, add or remove individuals manually, or integrate the list with Active Directory.

Can I text my employees and visitors?

The Check-In Kiosk collects visitor phone numbers; therefore, a Check-In Kiosk is required if you would like to text your visitors and have the ability to message everyone on-site.

Can we send messages to specific groups of employees?

Yes, you can create groups based on departments, roles, or any other criteria, allowing for targeted communication that ensures only the relevant employees receive specific messages.

Does the text messaging product integrate with other systems?

Yes, it's designed to integrate seamlessly with other components of our product suite, such as FacilityTV and the Check-In Kiosk, and external systems like Active Directory to import numbers and keep your employee list updated.

Can we track who has read the messages?

The platform will tell you if a text was successfully delivered or failed delivery, but it will not send read receipts. 

Transmission Platform

What are the benefits of having FacilityTV and the Visitor Kiosk working together?

Having FacilityTV and the Visitor Kiosk integrated allows you to send messages directly to FacilityTV. It also allows for visitor arrival to be displayed as notifications on FacilityTV, enhancing communication and visitor management.

Can Transmission's solutions be tailored to match our brand and goals?

Absolutely! Both FacilityTV and the Check-In Kiosk can be customized to align with your brand's identity and specific goals. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and personalized, ensuring they perfectly complement your facility's unique requirements.

What kind of customer support is available if we encounter any issues with the products?

We provide dedicated 24/7 customer support to assist you with any issues or inquires regarding the products. You can reach us via phone, live chat, email, or Teams.

How does the account setup and onboarding process work?

With any plan, our team handles 100% of system configuration, ensuring seamless integration with your operations. We collaborate closely to align the kiosk logic and custom content to your preferences.

How does the fully managed service differ from the DIY option?

The DIY option allows you to upload your own content or edit templates in our content library. You are entirely responsible for uploading, scheduling, creating, and managing content. With our fully managed service, simply make a request, and Transmission handles the rest!

How can I get started with Transmission?

Getting started with Transmissions is easy. Contact our team for a demonstration and to discuss your specific communication needs. We'll guide you through the setup and onboarding process to maximize the benefits for your organization.

How can I reach support?

At Transmission, customer support is not an add-on; it's an integral part of our commitment to your success. With every product, you get access to our dedicated customer support team. Call us at 855-622-9369, email us at support@sendtransmission.com, or contact your dedicated representative.

What is remote support?

Remote support allows Transmission's customer success team remote access, remote control, and remote support solutions. It allows us access to devices anywhere in the world and gives our team the ability to control the kiosk and troubleshoot as if they were with you.

Can I manage multiple locations with Transmission products?

Yes, Transmissions products are designed to facilitate communication and management across multiple locations. The platform enables centralized control and communication, allowing you to manage and broadcast information to various facilities, departments, or teams seamlessly. Whether it's employee texting, digital signage with FacilityTV, or other Transmission products, you can efficiently coordinate and communicate across different locations from a centralized interface.

How does Transmission ensure data security and privacy?

At Transmission, we prioritize data security and privacy. Our systems adhere to industry-leading security standards, and we implement robust encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, we offer customizable access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access relevant data.

Can Transmission's products be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, our products are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and systems. Whether it's syncing with Active Directory databases for employee information or integrating with production software for real-time data display, we ensure compatibility and ease of use.

Do I have control over the content with the fully managed service?

Yes! You will still have full access to the CMS, content library, pop-up notifications, and bulletin scroller. You can make your own changes anytime or ask us to do it. You have final approval of all content before it goes live!