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What to Expect During Your Transmission Visitor Management System Onboarding

Step into a tailored onboarding experience with Transmission's Visitor Management System. Uncover how we address your specific needs and challenges.

When we sell you a visitor management system, our goal is to make your life easier. In order to do that, we want to understand the big picture. Transmission has a team dedicated to recognizing the needs of and onboarding our new clients. We’ll discuss what works and what doesn’t and collaboratively determine how we can genuinely help improve the experience for your staff and visitors. We sincerely mean that. In that process, we do a deep dive to learn about the following...

Your Company Has Unique Requirements

Who should be included

Receptionists love Transmission. We strongly encourage you to include them in your onboarding conversations with our team.  Whether they’ll be the check-in system administrator/facilitator or trading that job for a new one, no one is better qualified to help automate your process. If the receptionist job is no one's job or shared by your staff, you’ll want to include the feedback from those individuals. HR, EHS, maintenance, logistics, management and any other department that receives visitors will have documents, procedures and processes that could be automated.

Review your company policy & regulatory compliance

Review your corporate policy on visitor check in and out. What documents are you required to collect and serve? How frequently and to which visitors? Are hosts required to stay with a visitor? Does your facility have any additional compliance requirements outside of the standard policy such as ITAR or GMP?

According to Veroot, the Supply Chain industry’s leading provider of full-service CTPAT compliance solutions, says "Under new MSC regulations, companies must have a documented process to vet non-company personnel on the premises. Specifically, this rule applies for office visitors and drivers responsible for picking up or delivering cargo. One of the processes we see fall through the cracks most often is the Visitor Management Process Flow."

Lobby layout, multiple doors and traffic flow

Knowing how your lobby is structurally laid out allows us to offer the appropriate types of hardware.  In our experience with manufacturing facilities, we’ve seen a vast variety of lobbies and we have the options to accommodate them all.

Large lobbies with reception desks were common but today the receptionist is gone and the front door is locked. The visitor stays in a glass vestibule, uses a doorbell or intercom to notify staff and waits to be let in.  Because this affects the productivity of the staff responsible for answering the door, we’d want to eliminate this process. Using a freestanding floor stand, a Transmission check-in kiosk can be placed in the glass vestibule allowing visitors to check themselves in.

When visitors arrive in your lobby, what is the natural flow of traffic? Do those visitors walk to a reception window that has a ledge with a log book on it? That ledge is a great place for a countertop kiosk.

If there is no main focal point or traffic pattern, we can utilize the wall and mount a kiosk in a size appropriate for the room. Screens range in sizes from 10.5-55” so large ceilings with lots of empty space or a tiny room with nowhere to turn can be accommodated.

Floor and wall decals are also available to match your band and company image that direct visitors to your check-in kiosk. If you’d like these, we’re happy to customize them for you and provide the file you can take to your favorite print shop.  

Because your lobby is different from the other doors your visitors could use, you can mix and match your hardware to meet the needs at each door.

For gates, outdoor environments and areas without internet or electricity, QR codes are the perfect way to keep everyone compliant and connected…no matter what entrance your visitor enters. We supply an image file that can be printed by your favorite print shop in any size and on any material, allowing you the flexibility to put them anywhere you need them.

What is Relevant to your Visitors?

Who are your current visitors

Who are the people that visit your facility but do not use your time clock? Vendors, contractors, job applicants and interviewees, sales reps, deliveries, freight drivers, regulatory authorities, employees from other facilities and all others can be itemized out.  We’ll help you break them down into visitor types and create as many of them as you need.

Visitors who are only there to drop off an item and have no business purpose with your company need not check in. With the quick “Drop-Off '' button, visitors like DoorDash, Amazon and Bob’s wife can drop off their items and notify your employee without distracting anyone else.

Your current visitor check-in process

In looking at the visitor types we created in the last step, we’ll identify how each of them are different and how their check in journey will change depending on your company policies and staff preferences. Do all visitors sign a user agreement or just specific visitors?  Is the visitor orientation different for a visitor who will be on the production floor compared to someone who won’t leave the office? If a contractor performs work inside your facility, what does that intake process look like? Are job applicants directed to apply online instead of on paper or in person? How do you handle unscheduled meetings and solicitors? Do you request visitors pass a health screening before entry?

How would you like to handle each of them?

Transmission can automate the processes your employees are currently manually doing. Whether it’s collecting signatures on forms, providing safety information, documenting information the visitor provides, giving out web addresses for job listings, sending people to different doors or areas in the facility, turning away a solicitor or giving a health screening… Transmission can do it all, nothing at all and everything in between.

Because the kiosk can serve a video to each visitor, we have the opportunity to present information in both visual, audio and written captions. Job applicants can learn about your benefits, contractors can learn about safety and PPE protocol, your customers can watch a sales commercial or a promotional video on your product, and delivery drivers can skip the video and simply say they left a package.

Transmission can automatically redirect or dismiss visitors without distracting your staff . If job applicants can only apply online or through a recruiter, Transmission can welcome and encourage them but direct them to the appropriate place by texting a link or address. Freight driver in the wrong place? Transmission will send him in the right direction and even text those instructions so he can refer to them as he relocates himself or even better, a map pin link to exactly the building you need to be at.

Collect all materials used by or supplied to visitors

We take your existing user agreements, legal disclaimers, training forms, health screenings or any document your visitors sign, check mark, initial, read, etc and automate them. Studies reveal that viewers retain 95% of a video's message compared to 10% when reading the text. If your documents are explaining processes, expectations, safety, PPE, and other important information, serving it in video makes visitors better understand the importance. If you’re collecting information from visitors such as trailer numbers, invoices, etc, we can do that for you. Health screenings can be set up and toggled on/off for use only when you need them.

But then what happens?

What happens if a visitor fails a health screening or a quiz? You decide but the Transmission kiosk will handle the situation based on your preferences. No need to come into contact with a potentially ill visitor, the kiosk will professionally and discreetly dismiss them with instructions for rescheduling.  

Improve Communication, Compliance, and Retention

What’s going on in the lobby?

Aside from customizing host text and email notifications when their visitor arrives, we can set up additional alerts so your team is always in the know. Send notifications to specific people or entire departments when specific visitors check-in. For example, notify the safety department when a contractor arrives. Notify the plant manager when a regulatory authority checks in. If an employee is out unexpectedly, their check-ins can be delegated to another employee.  If the kiosk dismisses an unwanted visitor, you can notify staff.

What’s really going on?

We mentioned above that we listen, and we make your kiosk work for you. We do that by understanding and overcoming the things that are and aren’t working for your staff, layout, current technology, frustrations, and any other visitor check-in-related procedures that could be encompassed or eliminated. Most clients begin their onboarding conversation with, “Nothing has been the same since the pandemic, so I don’t really know how we….”.  We empathize, our office isn’t the same either but let’s create the “new normal” that’s perfect for now.

What to Expect During Your Transmission Visitor Management System Onboarding

One of the common misconceptions we hear from our clients is that they don’t have many visitors. When we have onboarding conversations, we learn that they do have visitors in and out all day but they circumvent the current processes. We want to understand why and cater a solution to fit that need.  Oftentimes, it’s out of convenience or simple human error. We strive to constantly improve the kiosk to overcome this and want to hear your situations and ideas.  For example, the auto check-out feature was requested by a client to ask visitors who had stayed unusually long, if they were actually still here. Our experience has been that most people acting as the receptionist have other jobs and may not even know the proper policy, where documents are kept and filed or if they’re compliant. That’s why we’re here!! Let Transmission do all that heavy lifting.

Keep them coming back

The kiosk remembers your returning visitors after their first visit. Your company policies and procedures determine how frequently you’d like that visitor to resubmit forms or signatures, watch videos, etc.  Each visitor type and every component of it is fully customizable to meet even the most granular needs.

Let’s make it look pretty

Your company invests many dollars each year on its brand and position in the marketplace. Your visitor check-in system sets the first impression for your visitors and no one knows your brand better than you. We use your brand logos, colors, styles and fonts to create your kiosk.

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