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10 Ways to Retain New Hires Using Transmission

Discover 10 strategies to retain new hires using Transmission. Enhance workplace culture and boost employee satisfaction today.

Starting a new job can be both exciting and daunting for any employee. As an employer, it's crucial to make your new hires feel welcomed, supported, and engaged right from the beginning. That's where Transmission comes in, offering exclusive services to the manufacturing industry. Let’s discuss ten different ways that Transmission’s FactoryTV can help you retain your new employees and create a positive workplace culture.

1. Personalized Welcome Messages

First impressions matter, and what better way to make your new hires feel valued than with a personalized welcome message? With FactoryTV, you can display a warm greeting along with information about the new hire’s background or what they like to do for fun to introduce them to the team! This simple gesture goes a long way in helping new employees feel connected and part of the team

2. Training and Safety Reminders

FactoryTV serves as an excellent platform for familiarizing new hires with your company's processes and procedures. By utilizing custom videos and animations, you can effectively communicate important information in an engaging manner. This not only ensures a smoother onboarding process but also emphasizes the significance of safety within your organization.

3. Employee Recognition

Recognizing the efforts and achievements of your employees is essential for building a positive work environment. FactoryTV allows you to showcase employee recognition content, such as highlighting outstanding performance or reaching milestones. According to a survey by Globoforce, 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. By leveraging FactoryTV's employee recognition features, such as showcasing success stories and milestones, you can create a culture of appreciation and motivate new hires to go the extra mile.

4. Company Event Reminders

Transparent and effective communication is vital to keep your employees informed and engaged. FactoryTV can serve as a platform to display upcoming company events. Whether it’s an upcoming team-building activity, softball team sign-ups, or a celebration, this digital signage ensures that everyone is aware of important events, promoting participation and a sense of community.

5. Health and Wellness Tips

Taking care of your employees' well-being is crucial for their overall job satisfaction and productivity. FactoryTV can be a valuable tool for sharing health and wellness tips. From simple exercises to stress management techniques, providing useful information on digital signage demonstrates your commitment to their physical and mental well-being.

6. Employee Success Stories

Sharing the success stories of your employees is not only inspiring but also fosters a sense of camaraderie. FactoryTV can be utilized to showcase these stories, demonstrating how individuals have grown within the company and overcome challenges. By highlighting the journeys of your existing employees, you create a sense of possibility and encourage new hires to envision their own path to

7. Fun and Engaging Content

All work and no play can make the workplace dull. FactoryTV offers an opportunity to inject some fun and entertainment into the work environment. By displaying engaging and lighthearted content, such as trivia questions, jokes, or interesting facts, you can create a positive atmosphere that promotes employee bonding and relieves stress.

8. QR Codes for Feedback Surveys

Communication should always be a two-way street. With FactoryTV, you can incorporate QR codes on the digital signage, linking to employee feedback surveys. This enables your new hires to provide valuable input and suggestions anonymously, fostering a culture of open communication and continuous improvement.

9. News and Updates

Keeping your employees informed about the latest news and updates within the company is essential for maintaining transparency and a sense of belonging. FactoryTV can be utilized to display important announcements, the current safety incident rate, industry insights, and updates on projects or initiatives. By sharing relevant information in real time, you demonstrate that your new hires are part of a dynamic and evolving organization.

10. Team Building Activities

Fostering strong team dynamics is crucial for a positive work environment and employee satisfaction. FactoryTV can play a role in promoting team-building activities. Displaying information about team outings, collaborative projects, or friendly competitions encourages new hires to actively participate and build connections with their colleagues. By emphasizing teamwork and camaraderie, you create an atmosphere where employees feel supported and connected to their coworkers.

Incorporating FactoryTV into your onboarding and employee engagement strategies can yield significant benefits for your organization. Research by Gallup shows that organizations with high employee engagement experience 41% lower absenteeism and 17% higher productivity. By utilizing FactoryTV to deliver engaging content, recognition initiatives, and wellness tips, you can contribute to higher levels of employee engagement and, subsequently, reduce absenteeism while boosting productivity.

70% of deskless workers surveyed report that more technology would help them do their jobs better. The parts of their work that they feel would benefit most from additional technology include communications, operations & logistics, onboarding, and training. By utilizing personalized welcome messages, training resources, recognition initiatives, event reminders, health tips, engaging content, and feedback surveys, you create an inclusive and supportive work environment where new hires feel valued, motivated, and connected to the larger team. With the help of our team at Transmission, we handle everything from content creation to design and upkeep! We’ll make sure that the content is up-to-date, relevant to your goals, and keeps employees engaged.

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