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About Us


Redefining the Employee Experience by Manufacturing Communication.

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Enhancing Employee Participation and Team Collaboration

Our strategy boosts engagement by ensuring employees actively interact with communications, leading to their feeling valued and fostering a strong sense of team commitment. This environment encourages collaboration and idea sharing, thereby enhancing team spirit and promoting a culture of growth. By crafting targeted communications, we're revolutionizing how employees connect and achieve success.

Committed to Renewing Morale in the Manufacturing Industry

Our mission is to support the manufacturing industry by driving communication across channels and through content to build safer factories with more engaged employees. Manufacturing is the lifeblood of America, and its production workers are the heartbeat, but there’s a significant challenge plaguing the industry. We understand that workplace culture isn't a set of guidelines in a handbook; it's a result of intentional effort and action. A critical piece of the puzzle is missing: effective communication. 



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Our Commitment to Delivering Meaningful Engagement

We know that manufacturers don't need more busy work that doesn't produce results. Transmission’s team has years of experience in factory communication…but, more importantly, deep personal connections to the industry. Our families work in these factories, and we are committed to ensuring that they thrive because they are not just workplaces but integral to our communities and families. Our goal is never to stop evolving and finding better, more efficient ways to offer safe, quick, and professional experiences for all of your visitors. Our products are designed to work together in one easy-to-use, robust platform that delivers results through proven techniques and meaningful content. It’s super simple: We genuinely care. 

Commitment to Community Impact

Our company's commitment to the community is demonstrated through active involvement in various local organizations, reflecting our dedication to making a meaningful impact. By partnering with and supporting these groups, we strive to contribute to the well-being and growth of the communities where we operate.

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Join the Transmission Team


Transmission is comprised of a team deeply rooted in the manufacturing community, driven by personal connections and a shared commitment to enhancing the industry that sustains our families and communities. Our expertise in factory communication is matched by our dedication to creating real, meaningful solutions that address the unique challenges faced by manufacturers. Join us on our mission to evolve the landscape of manufacturing communication, ensuring safer, more connected, and empowered workplaces. 


Send your resume to careers@sendtransmission.com

We Support our Employees

Competitive Compensation

We offer salaries that reflect our team members' true value and skills, ensuring fairness and market competitiveness.

Health and Wellness Programs

Comprehensive health insurance plus wellness programs support our team's physical and mental health.

Professional Development

Access to training, workshops, seminars, and education reimbursement fuels our team's professional growth.

Equity and Ownership

Our equity participation plans allow employees to share in Transmission's growth and success, creating a deep sense of ownership and partnership.

Retirement Plans

We support our employees' future with 401(k) plans and company matching, ensuring a secure and stable retirement.

Vacation and Time Off

Generous vacation policies and paid holidays offer our team the time they need to relax and recharge.

Continuous Education

We provide time off and cover the expenses for additional education and training programs related to our field, encouraging creativity and innovation within our team.

Family Supportive Policies

Benefits like parental leave and family health coverage, combined with our understanding and accommodation of parents' needs, support our employees through various life stages.

Culture and Community

Our vibrant, inclusive culture and community involvement initiatives make working at Transmission a fulfilling experience.

Where We Work

Our team members excel in diverse work settings, whether they thrive in a traditional office environment, prefer a hybrid work model, or thrive while working remotely. We align their work preferences with the unique dynamics of their respective departments or teams.