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Better Communication For

Manufacturing Facilities

Manage All Site Communication From One Platform

  • Transmission Platform

  • Employee Kiosks

  • Digital Signage

  • Text Messaging

  • Visitor Management


What is Transmission?

Transmission is a software platform that allows manufacturers to communicate with their employees. FacilityTV is the digital signage solution for informing a deskless workforce, and the Employee Kiosk provides employees with digital access to resources where they need them most. The Visitor Kiosk streamlines facility access and compliance, and Employee Texting enables seamless communication. Our mission is to provide organizations with the tools to run safe, compliant, and productive facilities.

Our platform engages employees through messages on TVs and texts, catering to their preference for familiar communication methods. This sets us apart from less popular options like apps and intranets.


Employee Kiosks

Employee Kiosks provide staff with easy and quick access to a variety of resources. This includes safety information, training materials, job bids, education, and safety reporting. They can be customized with specific applications to meet the unique needs of any organization. It offers convenient access to essential information, ideal for a deskless workforce.



FacilityTV empowers you to display tailored messages that resonate with your employees. Use engaging content that reflects your unique company culture, highlights important announcements, and celebrates achievements. Whether it's employee spotlights, safety reminders, or updates on production milestones, our content library contains everything to communicate effectively with your manufacturing workforce.


Employee Text Messaging

Our employee texting platform revolutionizes internal communication by enabling targeted, timely messaging to your entire team, individuals, or departments, regardless of their location. With features like pre-written text templates and the ability to schedule or instantly send messages, you can ensure efficient and effective communication. The platform integrates with Active Directory, streamlining recipient management and enhancing overall communication and productivity.


Visitor Kiosks

Check-in on-site personnel with essential safety guidelines through immersive orientation videos, interactive quizzes, and document signing to streamline your orientation process. With a robust notification system, your team can be alerted to visitor arrivals and events happening at the kiosk. Our system ensures full compliance and keeps detailed, easily searchable, and exportable visit records for improved security and efficiency. 


Committed to Renewing Morale in the Manufacturing Industry

Our mission is to support the manufacturing industry by driving communication across channels and through content to build safer factories with more engaged employees. Manufacturing is the lifeblood of America, and its production workers are the heartbeat, but there’s a significant challenge plaguing the industry. We understand that workplace culture isn't a set of guidelines in a handbook; it's a result of intentional effort and action. A critical piece of the puzzle is missing: effective communication. 



of the manufacturing workforce is disengaged.


is the average turnover rate in manufacturing.


is the average cost per employee of turnover.


of manufacturers have difficulties attracting and retaining workers.


disengaged employees are likely to have a lost-time accident.


spent across the industry on safety incidents.

The Advantages of Transmission for Manufacturing Facilities

Standardize Compliance

Ensure regulatory adherence and workplace safety by implementing standardized compliance procedures, reducing legal risks, and fostering a secure environment.

Employee Empowerment

Empower your team with the tools and information they need to be successful. Cultivate a culture of engagement and continuous learning.

Standardize Operations

Achieve operational uniformity with Transmission, streamlining processes, and fostering consistency across diverse departments within your facility.

Cost Savings

Minimize time spent in meetings and traditional communication methods. With streamlined processes and a more informed team, you'll mitigate incidents and reduce workers' compensation costs.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Elevate decision-making by displaying real-time, relevant data across your facility with digital signage. Empower your team to access crucial information promptly.

Effective Training Programs

Use digital signage to deliver interactive and engaging training materials, safety protocols, and instructional content, enhancing employee understanding.

Visitor Orientations

Standardize the onboarding process by providing visitors with documents, videos, and forms to keep track of compliance.

Visitor Communication

Communicate with visitors via text, offering real-time updates, safety information, and instructions to ensure a smooth and safe visit.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The dynamic nature of Transmission products allows for easy adaptation to various manufacturing environments.

Read Our Case Study

A leading Fortune 500 plastic manufacturer sought Transmission's help to minimize safety and compliance incidents across multiple locations.


Transmission launched custom digital
signage and Visitor Kiosks to manage non-employees on-site, including safety training, signature collection, document retention, and visitor identification.

  • 50% reduction in worker's compensation costs in the first year!

  • $1.5 million in estimated savings for the company!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having FacilityTV and the Visitor Kiosk working together?

Having FacilityTV and the Visitor Kiosk integrated allows you to send messages directly to FacilityTV. It also allows for visitor arrival to be displayed as notifications on FacilityTV, enhancing communication and visitor management.

Is FacilityTV suitable for large-scale manufacturing facilities?

Absolutely! FacilityTV is scalable and can cater to manufacturing facilities of all sizes. Whether you have a single plant or multiple locations, FacilityTV can be adapted to meet your communication needs.

Can Transmission's solutions be tailored to match our brand and goals?

Absolutely! Both FacilityTV and the Visitor Kiosk can be customized to align with your brand's identity and specific goals. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and personalized, ensuring they perfectly complement your facility's unique requirements.

What features does the Visitor Kiosk offer for visitor management?

The Visitor Kiosk provides a seamless visitor experience with automated orientations, touchless check-ins, and multi-language support. It also offers real-time notifications and a detailed visitor log for efficient facility management.

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