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Integrated Platform

Included with every kiosk, our admin portal provides powerful features: comprehensive visitor logs and reports, automated notifications, and an SMS platform that seamlessly integrates with FactoryTV. Easily manage compliance documents, securely stored in the cloud, and streamline visitor orientations with ease.

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Unlimited Text Messaging

With our text messaging feature, effortlessly send messages now or schedule them for later to individuals, departments, or everyone on-site, including visitors. Choose from pre-made templates or create a custom message. 

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On-Demand Messages to FactoryTV

Push notifications directly to any or all FactoryTV's using the admin portal. Time sensitive messages can be displayed immediately. Messages can be scheduled for later or triggered by important visitor events.

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Emergency Notifications

Quickly send instructions from pre-made templates to all employees and checked-in visitors during an emergency. Simultaneously display instructions on FactoryTV. Access your visitor log to ensure everyone's accounted for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is texting included with FactoryTV or only with the Check-In Kiosk?
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Texting is exclusively included with the Check-In Kiosk. To receive text messages, visitors must be checked-in using the kiosk. In case of an emergency, you can use the kiosk to send text messages to everyone on-site, ensuring immediate communication and prioritizing safety.
What is Transmission, and what do they offer?
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Transmission is a leading provider of innovative solutions for manufacturing facilities. We offer FactoryTV, a captivating digital signage system with handcrafted content to inspire and educate employees. Our Check-In Kiosk streamlines visitor management and serves as an internal communication hub, allowing text messages to be sent to individuals or departments. With our tailored approach, user-friendly experience, and 24/7 support, we elevate employee engagement and communication, empowering your facility to thrive.
What are the benefits of having both FactoryTV and the Check-In Kiosk working together?
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Having FactoryTV and the Check-In Kiosk integrated allows you to send messages directly to FactoryTV. It also allows for visitor arrival to be displayed as notifications on FactoryTV, enhancing communication and visitor management.
Is the text messaging unlimited?
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Yes, with any Check-In Kiosk, you have access to an unlimited texting platform with no additional fees. Seamlessly send messages to visitors, employees, or entire departments, empowering efficient and unlimited communication at no extra cost.
Is FactoryTV compatible with any TV?
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Yes, FactoryTV can connect to any existing TV that has an HDMI port.
Can I set up custom notifications and check-in logic for different types of visitors?
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Yes, you can set up custom notifications whether that's email or text, and create custom check-in logic for different types of visitors using the Check-In Kiosk's cloud management platform.
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